Syria and Russia vs. Gog and Magog in Parallel Prophetic Scriptures

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Syria and Russia vs. Gog and Magog Parallel or Similar Scriptures to Ezekiel 38 & 39

Gog & Magog of Ezekiel 38 and 39 cannot be identical to that which arises at the end of the Millennium. There are various prophecies which use either similar wording or are parallel events as listed

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  • Reply December 27, 2021

    Della Mirandola

    Rosh is a word that means chief or main, like in Rosh Hashana. It appears 600 times in the Old Testament. You have translated it as Russia?? This is embarrassing. Gog is the King of Magog and the Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal and all these are places in todays Turkey and Northern Syria (There are literally places called Gog , and Magog in Turkey and Meshesch and Tubal are regions of Turkey and Northern Syria, while Gomer is Northern Turkey). In the Septuagint version of Amos 7:1 it says Gog comes with Kings from the East (so Irak, Persia, Afghanistan, etc.). Amos 7:1 Thus has the Lord God shewed me; and, behold, a swarm of locusts coming from the east; and, behold, one caterpillar, king Gog.

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