SuperGod [2 Sam 7:18-22]

The world we live in is constantly fascinated with SUPER THINGS and SUPER IDEAS

Super Doppler – predicting the weather exactly

If the weather permits you will go to the
Super market – where you go to by stuff

Like Super glue – gluing things at extremely fast speed

Super GAS – high octane fuel that can take you to faster speed

And you can live like the
Super stars – promoting a different, unreachable lifestyle

And sometimes even you can experience the
The SUPER natural – Harry Potter – magic power that can change the world around you

Our language is full with superlatives that describe our fascination with things that are SUPER
Like the Sweetest guy or girl
Coolest car or truck or boat
Awesome experience or even awesome GOD

Living the super life is living la viva loka
And going this way some people experience life without ever learning what LIFE REALY IS ALL ABOUT

And then we arrive to the SUPER BOWL
An SUPER evening event
Where two SUPER teams consisted of
SUPER tough PLAYERS lead by a SUPER coach
Will play a SUPER game of football

The game will last a SUPER long time

Because of the SUPER many SUPER commercials trough it

The game will have a SUPER ending where the SUPER team will defeat the NOT so supper team

After which some will be SUPER happy and some SUPER disappointed and other will find out they have lost SUPER large amounts of money which they have gambled

The MVP of the game will become a super valuable player, who will receive a SUPER nice car after which will sign a SUPER big contract and will make several super expensive commercials, a fashion line and may be even couple of movies

And events like this create SUPER HEROES

You can call them an urban legend or

But one way or another they exist and we are surrounded by them all the time

You have Spider man who runs from building to building

The fantastic four who have their special powers

The SUPER rangers who fight like ninjas with supernatural powers

There are similar super heroes for adults like

The CSI guy who has all the clues

The Super Dad who is smart, educated, handy, computer savvy, equally sensitive to feelings,

strong to save the world but gentle to love and care,

a man of many talents who talk on the phone, eat, listen to the radio, watch a DVD and read the map,

while driving with 80 miles an hour without getting a ticket, making the right turns and don’t fall asleep all at the same time

and The Super MOM who can raise children, cook, wash, iron, clean the house, wait at the table, shop but not spend too much, listens but does not talk too much

The Super NANY who does miracles with outrages kids that

Or the SUPER president who can fix all the problems of the country and of the world

And so on …

But this super hero will remain such an year or two after which he will be changed by someone else

SUPER men come and go SUPER GOD is forever

He SUPREME Over the universe for He has created it all

He is SUPERNATURAL in every way
Savoir of the human soul
Sacrifice for eternal life
And Deliverer of the sinner

Sanctifier of the person who seeks holiness
Answer to every prayer
Supplier every need
Healer of every sickness and disease

He is the voice of the speechless
The liberator of the oppressed
The leader of the lost
The encouragement of the hopeless
The defender of the week

Judge and King over the universe

But also a father to the fatherless
Forgiver of every sin
Fighter of every battle against evil
Firm foundation of our faith

Super heroes and SUPER god has few things in common

1. Fights for a good cause – always at war with the evil

He came to destroy the works of the devil

2. Can be called upon – SUPER man

you can call upon GOD
Johnah was in the belly of the fish at the bottom of the sea

3. Always has costume or mask – a hidden identity, the costume of SUPERman, Spiderman, the mask of ZORRO

God came as a human being
But today HE is invisible YET HE IS SO REAL
Moses SAW the invisible GOD
GOD can be seen and experienced through faith

4. Saves and delivers from evil

Sin, drugs, alcohol, opression

5. Always winning never losing

GOD Will NEVER lose

The SUPER heroes have their limitations

SUPERman is afraid kryptonite

The incredibles could not get in their costumes because they were over weight

1. Superheroes have weaknesses – GOD has none

2. Work only in once city city/location only –
They have their jurisdiction
GOD is over the whole creation

3. They Know only some of the things – GOD knows ALL things

4. Superheroes are only temporary God is forever

5. Superheroes can do only so much
GOD can do it all

Tonight the superheroes of this world will fight over a trophy

But GOD has already won the battle over your eternal soul

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