CONFESSIONS OF A STREET PREACHER: Cutting down the old Ash tree

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My prayers failed this week. No revival. It’s heartbreaking. What are we going to do? What good is a clean matress and no souls

Today as I worked cutting down a huge Ash tree. I was praying for strength and backbone and began to think of a man. This man stood and fought over a field of lentiles. I asked myself why would one man stand when everyone else ran away? Why would one man stand and fight one hundred men for a field of beans? The answer came swiftly and clearly. He wasn’t fighting for the lentiles. He was fighting for his children and his grandchildren. He was fighting for his nation and his God and his honor. We have such a rich heritage and a depth of experience in the scriptures. This was a field of beans not a hollywood field of dreams. This man was Shammah, a mighty man of valor, not a cardboard character. Why does the church forsake her strength, her glory, her wisdom for the trinkets of vain men? I ask you where is your field? Passing trifles? Shallow pursuits? Or eternal glory with Christ. As men that add meaning and dissolve doubts. Men of an excellent spirit that keep an eye on fields white unto harvest. And may God give you a field worth living for and standing for and fighting for. And may you enjoy the fruits of your labor

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