STOCK UP on canned food for stock market crash

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STOCK UP on canned food for stock market crash, warns former Gordon Brown adviser via the #INDEPENDENT

Jon Sellers [09/01/2015 11:41 PM]
This is ridiculous. Stock up for a hurricane, yes. But stock fluctuations will not affect grocery store shelves.

John Kissinger [09/01/2015 11:42 PM]
Jon Sellers on the move [the source of the warning is pretty serious]

Jon Sellers [09/01/2015 11:51 PM]
I read it. I still think it is ridiculous.

John Kissinger [09/01/2015 11:52 PM]
“stock fluctuations will not affect grocery store shelves” was a well known pre-Great depression slogan 🙂 Alan N Carla Smith

Jon Sellers [09/01/2015 11:54 PM]
I think many things have improved since the 1930’s.

John Kissinger [09/01/2015 11:56 PM]
Since the book of Revelation the only 2 things the market does is buy or sell. The time is coming when they will be done only via #theMARK

John Ruffle [09/02/2015 4:04 AM]
Interesting that St. John mentions specifically the wheat and the oil! (I love reading about the destruction of Babylon, and the way the guys on the frieghters at sea freak-out at the (nuclear?) destruction all around them! – Revelation Ch 17 isn’t it from the top of my head?) The way islamic militants are right now, destoying ancient sites, it’s only one step before they (again) start going for the modern ones. Make no mistake, islam as caried out according to the koran, is a war-like religion, (just compare the life of mohamed with the earth-life of Jesus) and appeasment will end in the destruction of western society. They are intent on shiara law, at ANY cost. All this is the future, UNLESS we have a direct intervention of God (and I don’t mean a revival meeting done wild and televised for 3 years non-stop). Maranatha!

John Kissinger [09/04/2015 11:57 PM]
T-1 week!

John Kissinger [09/05/2015 11:01 AM]
Crude oil prices are at all time low during T-1 week!

Alan N Carla Smith [09/05/2015 11:07 AM]
Bettet to be READY and PREPARED and not need it, than to need it and NOT have it. VERY synonymous to salvation! If you don’t NEED it then eat your investment

Alan N Carla Smith [09/05/2015 11:12 AM]
John Ruffle can you specify the 3yr ‘wild revival’ you are referring to?

John Ruffle [09/05/2015 1:47 PM]
Sure, Alan. I was using hyperbole, but there is some truth to this – the Lakeland thing was a “continuous” televised meeting, at least “evangelistically speaking” – which may be half the problem. (If so then a “continuous 3 yr meeting can be wound-up after 18 months)

John Ruffle [09/05/2015 1:47 PM]
Toronto and then Florida – was that Lakeland?

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