Stand Strong – A Prophetic Word from 1985

Stand Strong – A Prophetic Word from 1985 – Ray E Horton

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Stand Strong – A Prophetic Word from 1985 – Ray E Horton

[I was looking at an old book when I stumbled on a paper with this prophetic word I shared spontaneously at church and later transcribed from the tape years ago in December 1985. As I re-read it for the first time in these many years, I was amazed at how close it was to what the Lord is speaking to us today, with a message that fits right in with the current focus on God calling His people out of complacency to consecration in order to be equipped and activated to advance His Kingdom for the end-time harvest].

“My children, this day I would say to you, you who are strong, stand strong; yes, you who are strong, stand strong. Be encouraged and know that My Word is true. I have equipped you; I have prepared you. Let no circumstances, no people, no lies of the enemy get you down.

“For I need you. I need you now more than ever to do battle, to encourage the weak, to be an example of faith and patience. Let your faith and patience endure, for I have won the victory; I have won the war. But you must fight each battle and appropriate the victory in every situation. When you take the land, you must hold the ground.

“For all who will choose to remain strong in Me in the face of adversity, I will choose as My leaders

“Be alert, stand strong, and do not let down your defenses; do not rest your shield of faith. Fully armed, you can attack, then rest, attack, then rest. Wield the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, against the evil one and His lies; then, with shield up, receive of Me, and give to your brethren, and be refreshed. Then return to the offense, strong and invigorated. As you alternate times of battle with times of refreshing, always on your guard, you will never grow weary. In fact, you will learn more and more to depend on Me for all the spiritual resources, and you will in no way be drained.

Give praise and worship in the sanctuary and in your home, in public, and in your heart. Glorify Me before man, and I will raise you up. Be an example of faith and My righteousness to all. For all who will choose to remain strong in Me in the face of adversity, I will choose as My leaders.

“And how do you remain strong when you feel weak? By choice, I say, by obedience to My Word. By disciplining yourself to draw on the resources that I have given you: Worship in the Spirit; Speak My Word; Meditate on the Truth; Remember who you are, yes even My child, My son and daughter, the overcomer.

Who can stand against those who agree in My Name?

“And do not neglect the gathering of the brethren, but rather, seek out one another for encouragement, exhortation and comfort. Draw on the resources I have placed within them and let them draw on that which I have placed in you.

“For I say, alone you are strong, because you are not really alone. But together you are mighty. Who can stand against those who agree in My Name? Who can overcome the love of the Lord? Let that love be seen among you. True love, which is from Me, never fails. Am I not True Love? Let My love, My light, My life, be seen in you.

“And do not push the weak to make them arise. Be strong before them, and, encouraged by your boldness, they too will arise in Me.”

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Ray E Horton

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