Spiritual Problems and Solutions from the 7 Churches of Revelation…

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Spiritual Problems and Solutions from the 7 Churches of Revelation (presentation and PDF file)

Although the Book of Revelation has been vastly studied and interpreted throughout church history, usually the focus is on one major issue within the text, namely, the role and future of the church. The main reason for this has been the in-depth prophetic and pastoral messages to the Seven Churches. The value of the messages to the Seven Churches of Revelation is constituted by the fact that they are the last recorded Biblical messages to the Christian Church. For this reason, the letters to the Seven Churches obviously do not contain all of the usual elements used in the New Testament epistolary form.

John Kissinger [07/18/2015 9:46 AM]
pls note MBWR on slide #4

John Kissinger [07/18/2015 9:48 AM]
Also problem church comparison (in percentile) on slide #5

John Kissinger [07/18/2015 9:49 AM]
And finally, uncommon spiritual solutions to common church problems on slide #7. There’s a full explanation of the followed methodology in the attached PDF…

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