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Silencing Satanic Storms Series Contributed by Daniel Olukoya on May 17, 2001
Scripture: Mark 4:34-41, Matthew 8:23-26
Denomination: Pentecostal

Summary: Warfare Praying
Dr. D. K. Olukoya
We are starting this message by reading two scriptures that are common: Mark 4:34-41,
But without a parable spake he not unto them and when they were alone he expounded all things to His disciples. And the same day when the even was come he said unto them, let us pass over unto the
other side. They did not decide to pass over by themselves. Jesus said let us pass over. Their passing
over has divine approval. And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship; And there were also with him other little ships. And there arose a great storm of waves and
the winds beat into the ship so that it was not full. And he was in the hinder part of the ship asleep on a pillow, although the ship was filled with water. And they awake him and said unto him, Master, carest
thou not that we perish? And he arose and rebuked the wind and said unto the sea, peace be still. And the wind, ceased and there was a great calm. And he said unto them why are ye so fearful; how is it
that you have no faith. And they feared exceedingly; and they said one to another, What manner of
man is this? That even the wind and the sea obey him.
(In like manner shall every storm present in your life be paralysed, in Jesus’ name). In the book of
Matthew 8:23-26, we find the same story:
And when he was entered into a ship, the disciples followed him, and behold, there arose a great
tempest in the sea in so much that the ship was covered with the waves, but he was asleep. And the
disciples came unto him, and awoke him, saying Lord, save us; we perish. And he said unto them, why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a
great calm.
Now, from these two passages, we understand that Jesus rebuked the wind.
The word ’rebuked’ used here is the same language that Jesus used for demons, sickness, powers of
darkness, etc. He addressed the storm as if he was addressing a human being. It translates “to be
silenced” or put in the proper Greek meaning, it means, to be “muzzled.” The muzzle is something you put in the mouth of a horse to keep it from eating or causing trouble. He told the storm to be muzzled.
Life, as you know is a mystery. There are powers that govern the universe and lack of understanding of these powers could lead to all kinds of problem. It sometimes makes the difference between success
and failure. Life experiences can be very bitter and sometimes very sweet and it is filled with motions
and counter-motions.
We say that one man’s food is another man’s poison. Your most important desire may be hurtful to
another person.  
This is what we call the battle of life. For example, when some people wake up, they make positive
statements, while others make contrary statements to counter the positive ones without meaning any
For example, a farmer prays for rain to fall so that his crop can grow, he can sell them and be able to
meet his responsibilities. But a footballer who wants to play in a match would pray that the rain should not fall. Both of them are praying to counter each other. A contractor too would pray that rain should
not fall at his site so that he can complete his work, and consequently collect his money. The man who
builds coffins prays to prosper, but you and I will say, “I shall not die but live to declare the works of
So our good intentions are often countered: that is the battle of life. A medical doctor prays to have
patients, but nobody prays to be sick. The lawyer wants business, meaning that he wants more people
to get into trouble. And the prison warder too will be jobless if nobody goes to jail. This is why the world is full of trials and tribulations, such that princes are converted to those who run after horses.
Satan has converted those who should be ruling to those who draw water and cut woods. This is why
we need to know what to do when the storms come.
As Christians attending churches, the most sought after thing is our peace. Once peace is withdrawn,
every other thing becomes useless. If you go to the bar beach at night, you will find people having their bath, just to have or recover their lost peace.
You find people hiding all kinds of charm underneath their garments because they are looking for peace. The devil knows that man is looking for peace. Jesus Himself is the Prince of peace. Therefore, the first thing the devil likes to steal from people is peace. And when this has been stolen, storms will come.
Let us look at the characteristics of the storms of life.
It does not discriminate. I will give you an example of somebody’s testimony in our fellowship.
Somewhere close to his reproductive organ was a swelling which had been there for over ten years. It
constituted a big problem, and he went to the doctors, but the doctors could not understand the nature of his sickness.
One day, after we had closed at a meeting , we gave the following prayer point to our members to pray when they get home: “Any evil deposit in my body, get out, in the name of Jesus.” So he got home and prayed. To his amazement by the next morning, that swollen place burst and things began to come out. When the brother looked at these things closely, he found out that they were alligator pepper. Now the
question is, how did alligator pepper get into his body? It is part of what we are talking about, it comes upon every man.
Another sister was doing very well until her mother died. Immediately the mother died, the father
married another wife, and her storms started.
It is a very rude visitor. It won’t tell anyone how and when it will come. There will be no warning. So
since it is a rude visitor, we have to know how to handle its visitation.
It does not want to know whether you attended Cambridge or Oxford University. As a matter of fact,
chains of degrees do not bother it.  
I used to have a friend who was in the civil service for a long time, and by the time he retired, he
received a gratuity of half a million naira. Some tricksters found out about the money and decided to
dupe him.
They set a trap for him and he fell headlong into it. They told him about some currency note negatives
that could be forged with some expensive chemical solutions to make more money. They convinced him beyond any doubt that if he gave them half of his gratuity which was N250,000.00 for the purchase of
the expensive chemical solutions, he would receive a sum of N84 million. He fell for their bait and they
duped him. As a matter of fact, he almost lost his life in the process. The storms never respect age,
experience or years put into service.
What you are facing as a storm may not be what another person is facing. What you consider as a
problem, may not be so to another person.
When the storms come, your friends may be unhelpful or even add to your problem.
A long time ago, a couple went to the court asking for divorce, the man was seventy years old. The
presiding magistrate was quite surprised that such an old couple who had been married for thirty five
years could seek for divorce. One thing which the magistrate did not know was that whenever the storm chooses to blow, even age cannot stop its movement.
It is a stark illiterate. It will be advisable therefore to confront it with hard and aggressive prayers.
Gentle prayers cannot help anyone who is battling against the storms of life.
It could be so much that you would be wondering why such a thing should happen to you.
The storms of life can make you better or bitter. It could either make or mar you.
The storms of life, and indeed satanic storms will defy all voices apart from one. The only voice they
cannot disobey is the voice of Jesus.
You may then ask the following questions. How does the satanic storm come? What is its origin?
Satanic storms that confront human beings can come from about eight sources. The fact to note here is that if you cannot discern where the storm is coming from, you will not be able to address it.
I remember the case of a sister, who was 42 years old as of the time I met her. She was married with
four children. But there had never been any peace in her matrimonial home. It got so bad that her own four children and husband would beat her up. The four children even advised their father to marry
another wife who would be able to deal ruthlessly with their mother. The man heeded their advice and
married another wife. Whenever there was trouble thereafter, six people would beat up the sister.
The sister then found herself in a serious mess. She therefore became determined to seek for solution
whenever she could get it. Thank God that she sought divine assistance through the right way. One day, she attended a prayer meeting and the prayer point given to her was for God to reveal the secret of her problem to her.
The prayer point was “O Lord, reveal to me the secret behind my problem.” She had become a sick
person in the spirit realm. And for her to know what to apply to solve the spiritual problem, she needed a diagnosis. So she prayed a one-hour prayer, from 12 midnight to 1 a.m. For one hour she prayed only one prayer point!  
Some of us will have to pray a single prayer point 3000 times before we get results. Why? The problems have been with us for years, with deep roots. Many people will require two hundred blows to even make appreciable impact on a problem.
The sister prayed quite aggressively. As she prayed very hard, she saw in a vision, a tall man in white
garment who asked her if she was really serious about knowing the secret behind her problems. She
answered affirmatively that she would want the angel to reveal the secret behind her problems.
The response of the angel was shocking. The angel told her that her parents caused the problem. That
her father and mother are closely related; they come from the same family and should not have
married, but they did, which is an abomination. She found that out at the age of 42. Then the angel
disappeared, but standing like a colossus from the very spot where the angel had appeared was a big
Iroko tree.
The woman again saw somebody carrying a small baby by the Iroko tree, but she didn’t understand the vision. After that, she couldn’t sleep and by six a.m., she got up and ran to her parents to confirm
whether or not what she saw in her visions were true. To her uttermost surprise, her parents confirmed that they were true. They confirmed that both of them were related, but that they married in error in
Before they could realise that they were related, they had completed their marriage ceremony. It was
an abomination. As if the damage was not enough, the parents of the sister also confirmed that they cut the hair of the sister when she was a baby in England, and consequently sent it to Nigeria to be
deposited by an Iroko tree. Storms indeed. If you are in such storms, I pray that the storms will be
paralysed today, in Jesus’ name.
So many people are in the wrong environment. God wanted them somewhere else but unfortunately
they are in the wrong place.
An environmental influence could put the lid on somebody’s progress and the person may not be able to move as expected. From the testimonies of people you discover that some people’s progress die as soon as they moved into some houses.
Without doubt, many people have unfriendly friends who they ignorantly consider as reliable people but they are not. They are enemies in disguise, and can therefore influence a person for evil. Storms could
readily come from them.
There is a divine destiny for everyone and at the same time, there is satanic destiny. Many people
follow satanic destiny as a result of the evil things that the devil has planned for them.
This is when the person involved is the one responsible for his or her own problems.
I can never forget the story of my friend, a man of God, who found out that he was not making much
progress. So he prayed aggressively saying, “O Lord, I want You to deal with my enemies, disgrace,
paralyse, and destroy them, and send fire, thunder and brimstone on them, in the name of Jesus.”
He prayed aggressively with three days dry fast. Something happened on the third day, he just felt a
whip lashing on his back, he wrongfully rejoiced for he thought God had brought His whip to deal with
the enemies. He then told the Spirit of God to use the whip against the enemy and not on him. Before  
he could finish saying the prayer, he had another round of beating. Then he screamed out saying, why
are you whipping me?
Only then did the voice of God speak to him, telling him that he was his own enemy, causing problems
for himself.
There are some people like that who are waging war against themselves. They have simply decided to
wage war against themselves. Imagine someone who could not manage one wife going ahead to marry seven of them, war! Out of the seven wives three are witches, two are from the water, and only one is
attending a church. The other one does not even know where she belongs.
People can be antagonised spiritually. Many of our educated people are so naive. They assure that as
long as they do not offend anybody, nothing can harm them. How wrong they are.
The personal decision of anybody to make progress is enough to warrant the antagonism of the evil
powers. The only people who don’t have enemies are those who are aimless and without any purpose in life.
One other fact that must be understood is that as long as anyone is born of a woman same must have
enemies. Jesus Himself had enemies. The only problem was that His enemies made a mistake by nailing Him to the cross.
A lot of people are operating under wicked burden of curses and covenants. Curses could run within a
family for decades on end. Such curses and covenants can mar, destroy and paralyse the prayers of
many generations.
If a curse or evil covenant is on the marital life of a family, both the men and women of that family will find it difficult to marry.
Strong curses and covenants can limit people’s advancement and can even stop them at the edge of
their breakthroughs.
By the time you remove household wickedness from the problem of the blackman, he has only about 10 percent of the problems left.
This is what the devil has been using to wage war against people. When the storms come, money
cannot help.
The late American millionaire called Rocky Feller was so rich that he could buy up a whole city. But he
got to a stage during his life when the only thing he could eat was cracker biscuit and milk. Although he was prosperous, but in reality he was poor.
A person can have millions in the bank, but if he has cancer, he is poor indeed! The cancer will eliminate him and render everything he has useless.
So, if you are reading this message and you find that things are happening that you cannot explain, you should silence the storms today.
If you find that instead of going forward, you are going backward, there is a storm to silence.  
If you notice that those who do not merit success, are excelling more than you and you the superior is
being made inferior, there is a war to fight.
If you notice that you have a fresh problem that is becoming stubborn, and does not want to go away, then you have a battle to fight.
When men who should be winners are failing, then there is a battle to fight.
When somebody is being governed by powers contrary to his or her will, there is a battle to fight.
When there is sudden hatred between husband and wife, there is a battle to fight.
When a brilliant student sometimes becomes dull during examination, there is a battle to fight.
When a normally happy person becomes unhappy, there is a battle to fight.
When an obedient child suddenly becomes disobedient, there is a battle to fight.
When a rich person is suddenly turning poor, there is a battle to fight.
When you are being enslaved by a habit that you cannot control, there is a battle to fight.
If you fail to receive divine revelations concerning your life, and you don’t even know what God wants
you to do, then there is a battle to fight.
But when you are fighting the battle and silencing the storms, the wrong people to go are what the
Bible calls wolves.
A lot of people take the battle of their lives to wolves. 90 percent of those who go to church in this
country, to the best of my knowledge, need deliverance. Christians need deliverance more than any
group of people. So many people erroneously believe that deliverance is for witches and wizards alone. I must state with all emphasis that the deliverance of witches and wizards are easier than deliverance
for example, from the spirit of fornication! Somebody who is fornicating has sexual problems, and to
deliver such a person is more difficult than the deliverance of a witch.
Deliverance is a spiritual process by which you can remove all the ladder through which the enemies
climb into your life. When you destroy the ladder, they cannot come in again.
When I was teaching in the University, I counselled a particular lady to go for deliverance because she
needed to. She refused to listen to me particularly as she claimed to be born-again.
Then tragedy struck: she failed all her papers. Then she rushed to me to help her in any way I could.
But as I was trying to find out how she could be helped, she started giving me startling revelations. She said she was planted in that University to initiate people because of the closeness of the place to the
But when she got to the campus, she found the gospel very interesting and she started to attend
Christian meetings. She enjoyed the choruses, the Bible study and everything going on there. She got
born again quiet alright. But the deeply entrenched things in her life needed to be removed.
Being born-again is a door way towards being completely delivered, and not deliverance itself.  
If you notice that things are happening to you, that you cannot explain, like having strange dreams,
eating and committing immorality in the dream, traveling to places you don’t understand, then you
know there is a battle to fight.
GET BORN – AGAIN – The first thing to do is to give your life to Jesus. It is for you to come to the
realisation that you need the Saviour and for you to give your life to Him. And from that day, He will
become the Lord of your life.
If you have not given your life to Jesus, do so now, going to church alone cannot make you a born again Christian. If you don’t take the first step, any other step you take will not work.
KNOW THE ORIGIN OF THE STORM – If you don’t know the origin of what you are fighting against, you
will not succeed. You indeed have understand where the storm is coming from.
GET TO KNOW JESUS CHRIST – He is the Master of the storms, be close to Him. And when this happens, you will be able to face the storm.
LEARN SPIRITUAL WARFARE – Wars are fought and won in the spirit before the physical manifestation.
It is the spirit that controls the physical. Once you solve it in the spirit, it is going to be okay.
We use the weapon of prayer to pull down strongholds. I will like to tell you that prayer is hard work,
and you will discover why as you read on.
There are three heavens. The first heaven is the firmament, which we can see. The second heaven
belong to the devil and his angels. The third heaven belongs to God that is where paradise is. When we pray, our prayers have to go up, passes through the headquarters of evil before getting to the third
heaven. When the answers are coming too, they have to pass through this headquarters of evil before
reaching us. So this is why prayer is hard work.
Lots of hindrances against peoples’ prayers come up at that level. Brother Daniel prayed for 21 days
and his prayers were answered right on the first day, but there in the second heaven, was a temporary seizure of the answers to his prayers. But he persisted in prayer for 21 days, if he had stopped, that
would have been the end of the miracle. He continued bombarding the place, until there was an outlet
and he got what he wanted from the Lord.
Prayer is hard work, but nothing can stop the power of well-targeted aggressive prayers done in violent faith. That is why when the devil wants to destroy a person, he starts by paralysing his prayer life. Once the prayer strength is taken away, all other things are easy to take away. Let me share this testimony
with you.
At a Christian meeting I attended, there was a sister who had never done any menstruation at the of
37. At that age, she had not experienced what she was supposed to have started as a teenager. But at
that meeting, a prayer point was called that every owner of evil load should carry his or her load in the
name of Jesus. The woman prayed hard and after seeing a vision in which the angel of the Lord assisted her, the owner of her evil load which was a dead old woman carried her evil load. Almost immediately
blood started trickling down the legs of the sister.
God is still very much in the business of silencing satanic storms and restoring lost blessings.  
But you must persist in prayer. I urge you therefore to pray the following prayer points with violent faith and divinely inspired aggression.
Lay your right hand on your head as you pray the following prayer points:
1. I fire back every arrow of the enemy, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every owner of evil load, carry you load now, in Jesus’ name.
3. I refuse to serve my enemies, in the name of Jesus.
4. Every serpent and scorpion delegated against me, I trample upon you in the name of Jesus.
5. Every incantation uttered against me, become impotent in the name of Jesus.
6. I command every evil pronouncement targeted against my life to fall to the ground and die, in the
name of Jesus.
7. I paralyse every strongman walking against my progress, in the name of Jesus.
8. Every household wickedness, lose your hold, in the name of Jesus.
9. I pursue, I overtake and I recover my properties from the hands of household wickedness, in the
name of Jesus.
10. Every spirit of infirmity, go back to your sender, in the mighty name of Jesus.
11. Every satanic traffic warden diverting good things from me, be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.
12. I destroy all my personal walls of Jericho, in the name of Jesus.
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