SEER and pRopHEt: tWo pRopHEtiC StREaMS by James W. Goll

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SEER and pRopHEt: tWo pRopHEtiC StREaMS by James W. Goll Latter-Day ProPhetic streams as noted by Peter A Vandever

We live in a day when all too many “scholars” and even believers have reduced the Word of God to a purely rational and logical explanation. Granted, the Word of God appeals as reasonable and logical in its unfolding to the human mind, provided that mind is surrendered, yielded, and in the process of being transformed by the Spirit! the natural mind is not capable of receiving anything whatsoever from the Spirit of God. the Scriptures are God-breathed, and the breath of God is the Spirit of God. in fact, the breath of God was experienced by all those who penned the sacred writings. in order for that to occur, the individuals who wrote had to have experienced the experience of being moved by the breath, the wind, and the Spirit of God.

Jon Sellers [12/05/2015 1:26 PM]
I think Goll is projecting his own experiences onto the writers of scripture. There is no need for them to have experienced the breath of God as wind, etc. God could easily have inspired by leading, not necessarily an ecstatic experience.

John Kissinger [12/05/2015 2:49 PM]
well, when it comes to the prophetic what else do we have to go on except the Bible and our personal experience Jon Sellers

Jon Sellers [12/05/2015 3:25 PM]
It sounds like he is referring to the scriptures in this paragraph. Not all writers of scripture were prophetic, were they?

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  • Varnel Watson
    Reply May 27, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    One of the most revealing books on prophecy of all times

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