RING of FIRE 2021: 2 months till the PROPHETIC June 10, 2021 ECLIPSE

RING of FIRE 2021: 2 months till the PROPHETIC June 10, 2021 ECLIPSE

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Just two weeks after the lunar eclipse, the sun, moon and Earth will align once again, but this time to create a solar eclipse that will be visible for part of North America.

As the sun breaks above the horizon on June 10, part of it will be covered up by the moon. For the northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada, this will be a brief partial solar eclipse, but for a small region of northern Ontario and far northern Quebec, a ‘ring of fire‘ solar eclipse will be visible.

FOLLOWING A triple conjunction of planets

When: just after sunset on Saturday, January 9, 2021

Where to look: southwestern horizon

This one won’t be easy, but it’s our last chance to see Jupiter and Saturn before they move into the Sun’s glare for some weeks (to emerge in the pre-dawn night sky). It also comes with the added bonus of little planet Mercury, which few people take the trouble to find. You’ll need a view very low to the west-southwest horizon, and you’ll also need to observe immediately after sunset. Look low on the horizon—preferably using binoculars—and you should be able to briefly see these three worlds form a small triangle.

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