Resurrecting An Institution on Life Support

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Stuart Voce |


Resurrecting An Institution on Life Support

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  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Stephen Bredehoeft

    What the author says is fine and dandy as long as God’s word isn’t compromised. He mentions the LGBT community and to embrace them. We should be welcoming and loving to all people but not embrace their lifestyle. He mentions we don’t have a monopoly on the truth. If it doesn’t agree with the Bible it isn’t truth. He also mentions recognizing the value in other belief systems. Jesus is the only way to heaven so if you don’t believe that you aren’t going to make it. I’m not sure if I agree with half this article. The Bible says in the end times there will be a falling away and we are seeing that.

  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Kubowaki Julia

    I agree with the comments ,the article is a mixture and confusing

  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Rodney Durrett

    Too many Preacher think they add to Churches. God is in full control.

    Maybe this is the product of churches allowing hundreds of different books preventing the church to be of single mind?

  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Mark Fonner

    This is simply pushing an agenda contrary to the Scriptures promoting the LGTQXYZABC agenda. Utter nonsense!

  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Rommel Licop Valdez


  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Andrew Forderhase

    This article is complete garbage. FULL STOP.

    Embracing the worldly concepts like “social justice” is the LAST thing any church needs to do.

    As soon as a church embraces “social justice” as its goal, the gospel takes a back seat.

    We are to be reconciled by Christ’s sacrifice. “Social Justice” as defined by academia does not allow for reconciliation. It opens up a bottomless pit of grievances that cannot be set right.

    All of the mainline churches that have embraced the “wokeness” of the world have been compromised and are in decline.

    The secret of success for any church is to go back to uncompromisingly preach the Gospel, double down on biblical principles and teach solid apologetics to the young so that the followers of Christ are not lead astray by the vain philosophies of the world.

  • Reply March 16, 2020

    Dale Johnson


  • Reply March 16, 2020

    Stephen Valenta

    What is destined to pass, will come to pass.

  • Reply March 16, 2020

    Doc Pip Thomas

    The Church can not die. HaShem has always had His remnant people.

  • Reply March 16, 2020

    Martha Thompson

    This is nothing new. The “church” has for decades tried to figure out how to get more people to come in, more people to stay. Hence you have those who are hired to evaluate churches and tell them how to improve their marketing. Hence you have seeker friendly churches that may or may not teach the truth of Scripture. Hence you have megachurches where the “pastors” are in it for the money. Nothing new here.

  • Reply March 16, 2020

    Ben Mordecai

    Jesus promised the church would never die. These are not new ideas. These are recycled early 20th century ideas that were instrumental in destroying the mainline with unfaithful liberalism.

  • Reply March 17, 2020

    Janel Sara

    It is far from dying! Not sure what you are talking about!

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