Real Threats :: By Jim Towers

Real Threats :: By Jim Towers

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EMPs are a serious threat to mankind, especially to Americans, who have a lot to lose if we ever experience one. An EMP attack would shut down our electrical grid for a long time. Over the years, I have occasionally mentioned EMPs in my writing and recently asked a friend about EMPs since his work is in that field of expertise. Because we may be on the cusp of war with communist countries possessing this form of warfare, I asked him to fill me in. Attached is his response.



Electromagnetic pulse, yes, not a very nice thing to experience. Hopefully, our Lord will not tarry long and will come quickly if this should happen.

In my area of work, I cover approximately 1 million customers. 60 distribution substations, almost all hardwired for remote operation to a central command station.

So, we have 60 sub-stations, each having two to five power transformers. Approx 150-170 power transformers in a small city and surrounding suburbs. These would be rendered useless along with most of the essential control houses within each substation.

Power transformers take approx. 1.5-2 years when ordering today. They cost 1-2 million each.

There are 18 manufacturers in the USA. All are dependent on parts from all around the world.

In essence, every electronic item built since the 1970s would probably be affected, including every single residential transformer that we see on every block in a residential neighborhood.

But here’s the real problem…

The U.S. has 92 nuclear reactors. What we witnessed in 2011 in Fukushima, Japan, was bad and still is a serious issue. But Fukushima was able to recover backup generation to power cooling stations, preventing the Fuel rods from melting down, though some rods had started melting, releasing radiation. So, the real danger wouldn’t necessarily be just going without power and having gangs roaming the streets looking for sustenance. The danger would be nuclear radiation killing countless numbers of civilians. Our nuclear power plants are extremely vulnerable to EMP. Essentially, they would melt, releasing radioactive waste.

In the early 1960s, the U.S. started testing these devices. So, we’ve had 60 years to fine-tune them. Obviously, many nefarious countries have them also.

I knew you had brought this up, so I thought I would let you know my thoughts. Hope this helps


Also, in my soon-to-be-released book, God, Visions, Miracles, Peace and Power, I mention seeing a group of UFOs and how sightings are on the increase.

You may ask what this all has to do with present-day Christianity, but I can assure you that if atheists, perverts, criminals, and Satan have their way, they will do away with Christianity wholesale. We are in an ever-increasing struggle to maintain our God-given right to free speech and freedom of religion in our country, and Satan and his followers are hell-bent on subverting and trying to destroy all vestiges of Christianity.


I recently read a book by a whistle-blower who exposed the corruption behind the Covid-19 hoax. Although he is not a Bible-thumping Christian, this is a man who still has morals and conscience and is a patriot.

The name of the book is The Truth About Wuhan, and the subtitle is “How I uncovered the biggest lie in history.” It’s by Dr. Andrew G. Huff, former Ecohealth Alliance vice president and senior scientist.

The book begins by telling his life story, which I found to be interesting. It goes into a little bragging, which we all are apt to do, so I can overlook that. It gets into his life in the military and all the macho bravado; I endured that too. But then, when I had to slough through the basics of virology and such, I became lost due to the acronyms that are used in that field of expertise.

Nevertheless, when the good doctor got into the final pages of his book, it took on a different tone altogether – one of intrigue, lying, deceit, and spying on the part of federal agencies, and being followed by them everywhere. Spooks and spies dominate the final chapters, and Dr. Huff names people and places and the actual law-breaking that ensues at a phenomenal rate within the government.

This meticulous man has time, dates, places, license plate numbers, etc. It seems that whistle-blowers are a threat to the evil cabal that now runs the country. (The final chapter rivals a James Bond novel and shows that truth is often stranger than fiction.)

We “born again” Bible-believing Christians, however, have nothing to fear from any of these things, as God promises to protect us and to soon rapture us out of the quagmire of evil the Luciferian communists have imposed upon us.


Jim Towers

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