Question the prevalent culture surrounding “Christians”

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On Tuesday, February 10th, Dr. Randy Beckum addressed students at MidAmerica Nazarene University’s regular chapel service. His message was in response to two films which have recently made headlines around the world; American Sniper and Selma. Dr. Beckum, who also serves as the University’s Chaplain and was the Vice-President of Community Formation, questioned the prevalent culture surrounding “Christians” in the United States which champions a killer above a preacher who taught non-violence. Dr. Beckum’s lesson spoke directly to Christians. The following is an excerpt of his controversial message
Christian Theologian Demoted For Preaching Peace

Mark Biteler [03/09/2015 3:24 AM]
When premises are faulty the conclusions are erroneous. Killer? A soldier serving his country, protecting other soldiers and fighting in a battle a “killer”. Let’s get our definitions right.


  • Street Preacherz
    Reply August 2, 2017

    Street Preacherz

    I commend our dear brother the good doctor for making a stand and abhor the outcome of censure. It is wonderful to have such men in public life. It is not surprising that a speech on courage in the face of cultural bias should be censured.
    If I could add a few remarks to the conversation it would have to from a lower stature of course. A buck private that had to wrestle with the question of use of force while overseas.

    People always use the murder of Christ for their arguments. It was establishment, it was education, it was religion, it was hypocrites, it was leadership, it was politics, it was unbelief, it was the straight people, it was the white man, it was the pastor’s, it was some dumb calloused hard hearted private etc.
    Dr. King had exemplary courage, one in a million. It was the Providence of God to give America Dr. King. No question.
    It was a different kind of courage to face bad guys with a gun. Whether the cause was just will be debated until that great day when men stand before God to answer for their own sin and lack of courage.
    No greater love does a man have than to lay down his life for another. They both showed us the love and care and protection of God in a measure.
    When war is far away and hypothetical it’s easy to be against it. Doubt me? Don’t lock your doors tonight. Or send your baby for milk at 2am. If she doesn’t come home there will be a war alright. A Tsunami of devastation and destruction.
    Fathers and soldiers:
    “Know your role!”
    To the greater point yes our culture is seeped in violence and sex and blasphemy.
    I suppose I’ll be standing on the corner with my sign a little longer.

  • Robert Erwine
    Reply June 16, 2018

    Robert Erwine

    funny how the guy on the right lived by the sword and ended up dying by the sword .

  • Joshua A. Humphries
    Reply June 16, 2018

    Joshua A. Humphries

    People worship flags and bald eagles more than they worship God.

  • Reply June 16, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    who did that now? Robert Erwine

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