Demonic influences

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Demonic influences are so numerous in type and quantity, that this subject can never be exhaustively described. However, three common manifestations and causes of localized demonic control, even in Christians, are:

(1) Through Idols And Icons;
(2) Through Occult Practices; and
(3) Through Substance Abuse.

Demonic control over our thoughts and understandings of God and Christ through idols and icons is, of course, most common in pagan lands: countries totally unchristian in heritage. But it is also very common within most Christian contexts. In fact, of all of the world’s religions, the one with the most icons and idols is Christianity. Icons of all sorts are quite common in virtually all Christian denominations and branches, although often we are oblivious to them. Statutes of Christ and/or the Virgin Mary, amulets, crosses, grottoes, etc., are but a few common examples. Crosses with a dead Jesus still on it are symbols of Satan temporary victory over Jesus – hardly a Christian symbol!


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