Question/ discussion: Is the day of the sabbath or day…

Question/ discussion: Is the day of the sabbath or day…

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Dylan Hardesty |


Question/ discussion:

Is the day of the sabbath or day of rest specifically for labor of our physical body or from what exactly?

The enemy never rests, God is in total control at all times of course, but I don’t see as any reason for anyone to take a “day off” from doing God’s will or what He has for your life.

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  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Larry Koester

    IT is symbolic of the spiritual rest we have in Jesus. Jesus is the true Sabbath rest in gi int us the gift of faith and peacewith God. And rest from physical labor to think on it and learn more of him and his Word.

  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Roberta Jackson

    The sabbath is for the Jews, not Gentiles, and not for those of us in the Church age.

  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Law Olivier

    It’s not required of Christians, but I do think it’s smart to take a day off.

  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Leonardi Djuhari

    I reckon rest too is a form of worship. Of trusting in His providence and sovereignty. Like a sheep led by the shepherd.
    Like what Larry Koester said. He is the mega sabbath, the jubilee, the ultimate sacrifice, final rest, true shalom (peace).

    So I would follow Romans 14:8:
    For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s

    I mean, doctors still work in emergency rooms, pastors on Sunday, or Saturdays. Jesus himself worked on a Sunday no? Healing and teaching.

    I’d go even as far as any day or everyday is sabbath.

    We practice sabbath as early churches, more as a physical gathering where we dig deep into and discuss the Scriptures. Where we talk, live, breathe and celebrate Christ. And on certain sabbath days, depending on denominations and understanding of bible, we remember what Jesus did with the bread and wine.

  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Floyd Vaz

    Under the new covenant, we are always in a state of spiritual rest. As far as physical rest is concerned, yes we have day in which we are called to worship on the day of the Lord not to be confused with the Sabbath day of the OT. Jesus having fulfilled the requirements, He also did a lot of His work on the Sabbath. So other than worshipping God in the Lords day, the rest of the day is really up to the individual. Doing something good or resting is recommended but trying to be ritualistic about any specific day is a form of legalism and not of Christ.

  • Reply March 17, 2020

    Ian Grant Spong

    The principle of the Sabbath law was rest and worship. Bodily rest is appropriate. Spiritual rest in Jesus and public worship are most important.

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