Preacher’s box: do YOU have ONE?

Preacher’s box: do YOU have ONE?

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giftbox collection of colorful <i>Trailblazer</i> stories makes a perfect gift that will delight young readers alike. This set features some of the great preachers and teachers of all Christian history, including:

Charles Spurgeon, a simple country lad who went on to become one of the best known preachers in the world.

Jonathan Edwards, who served as pastor of one of New England’s most influential churches, and ended his days doing missionary work in the forest among the Indians.

George Whitefield, who preached to crowds of unprecedented size, often over 50,000, in thousands of public sermons, and contributed powerfully to the Great Awakening.

John Stott, who became so highly regarded in England, he was chosen to be Chaplain to the Queen.

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who may well be the most influential English preacher of the 20th century, and whose writings and commentaries still guide many in the Scriptures today.

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This books are on Wesleyan theology and on salvation and sanctification

  1. Brown: Understanding Pietism
  2. Collins: Scripture Way of Salvation.
  3. Dayton: Discovering an Evangelical Heritage
  4. Gammie: Holiness in Israel
  5. Grenthouse: From Apostles to Wesley
  6. Maas: Crucified Love (contains good bibliographies)
  7. Snyder: The Radical Wesley (good practical book on church)
  8. Wynkoop: Foundations Wesley-Arminian Theology


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