PRAY for PEOPLE in AREAS affected by WILD FIRES in 2016

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Wildfire smoke forecast for Tuesday, November 17


Above: Smoke from wildfires in the southern United States as photographed by a NASA satellite Tuesday afternoon, November 15, 2016; updated late Tuesday afternoon.

We checked several resources for predictions of where smoke from the wildfires in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia will be distributed on Tuesday. It looks like much of Georgia and South Carolina will be heavily affected, with concentrations in some areas of South Carolina reaching the “Very Unhealthy” level according to the animated map below.

Some areas in the midwest appear to be affected by smoke that blew in from fires in Canada.

Arkansas, Louisiana, and eastern Texas are also heavily contributing to the smoky skies.

Check for current air quality information. Click on their map to zoom in for a closer look.

Active Fire Mapping Program


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  • Varnel Watson
    Reply November 17, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    #PRAYING William DeArteaga Who else is affected in the area?

    • William DeArteaga
      Reply November 17, 2016

      William DeArteaga

      It is a general nuisance, and not good for old folks and kids. It is like smoking a pack or two per day.

    • Varnel Watson
      Reply November 17, 2016

      Varnel Watson

      Drove to an area of some 80 000 acres burning in N. Georgia the other day. Lots of some lots of damage and lots of danger

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