Perfection and holiness.

Perfection and holiness.
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  1. Perfection and holiness.

What about the command of being perfected. Love God, be holy, be perfect, love one another as I have loved you. Those statements bind us to God in a godly relationship.

Noah walked righteous and perfect before God. Righteousness is connected with perfection. Job.1:8. What does the devil say about myself? What does God say about us.

1.Chron. 1:19 to keep the statues, commands.

Ps. 119. Blessed are those who work perfected, and that seek him with his whole heart.

Ps.18: the way of the Lord is making perfect. The merciful are perfect. The Jews delight in the law, because God is at the center of the law.

Mt.5:8: Be perfect, as you father is perfected, be holy as your father is holy.

Mt.19.21, 2. Cor. Let us cleanse ourselves from the old.

Perfection, Cleansing and holiness are joined together You are perfected, be mortified, be perfect.

We loose our focus, when we are more concerned with packing the pew, instead of presenting the saints.

Hebr.2:10. Jesus was made perfect. When we are made perfect, we recognize the evil much easier.

Jesus comes to sanctify us to the truth.

Heb.13:29 he makes perfect to all the good will.

James 3:2, 1 Joh.2:5.6. Love and obedience are together.

The goal is that we live in reference to the Lord and not in fear towards God.

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