ONE YEAR UPDATE The Pentecostal Theology group


The Pentecostal Theology group and its website, are both one year old today. We thank friends and foes for helping and challenging us in the effort to build a safe online community that brings the discussion of Pentecostal theology in our everyday lives and issues. For the past 365 days, almost 3,000 group members have published and participated in over 3,000 important theological discussion for applying Pentecostalism in ecclesial, social and personal context.

In the upcoming year, we will be making several new changes in the way articles are being authored and published at the website. Discussions will proceed as usual in the Pentecostal Theology group on Facebook and archived on the website. Some of the more important topics will be combined for online read and research into a more comprehensive database, as scholars and researchers from the Pentecostal community are already showing avid interest in many of them.

We thank you all and may God bless you in all you do for His Kingdom!

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