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“How you doin’ in the Spirit” A Pentecostal Group Update

The Pentecostal Theology facebook group and its website www. have been online exactly 3 years now since February 16, 2014.

In this period of distinct ministry online, 3,500+ members joined in over 6,500 discussions and conversations online. Several topics on user privacy (or secrecy) and the very Pentecostal state “in the Spirit” with Glynn Brown Charles Page Alan N Carla Smith Brody Pope Steve Webb John Ruffle Jon Sellers John Conger Ricky Grimsley Rick Wadholm Jr Timothy Carter Terry Wiles and many other active readers, have brought about this first order of business in 2014-2017.

Given the various topics of the discussion threads, it is hereby proposed that as meetings commence now and for the foreseeable future, all members recognize each other with an appropriate and accepted greeting, acknowledging their participation in the group. For all intents and purposes, this greeting shall be: “How you doin’ in the Spirit?”


Official Public Website:

Facebook address:

Date created: February 16, 2014

Members to date: 3,449

Posts to date: 6,561


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