Largest Pentecostal Group on Facebook Turns 3 Yeas Old

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Facebook address:

Date created: February 16, 2014

Members to date: 3,449

Posts to date: 6,561


Most active members: Alan N Carla Smith, Brody Pope, Steve Webb, John Ruffle,  Jon Sellers,  John Conger,  Ricky Grimsley, Timothy Carter, Terry Wiles and many more active readers, bringing this first order of business since 2014.

it’s quite interesting for me how many in this Pentecostal Theology group are neither theologians nor Pentecostal

Charles Page [08/24/2015 8:07 PM]

Timothy D McCune [08/24/2015 9:05 PM]
Can’t anyone be a theologian by studying the Bible.

Jeremy Veras [08/24/2015 9:09 PM]
I agree Timothy.

Roger David [08/24/2015 9:14 PM]
What are the requirements to be considered a Theologian?

Shawn Herles [08/24/2015 10:31 PM]
I am two thirds of my way towards a theology degree, but I think anyone who reads about theology, and thinks about theological issues,is a theologian. And yes, anyone who reads and thinks about the Bible, what it means and how to apply it, is also a theologian.

Roger David [08/24/2015 11:08 PM]
I’ve studied Hermeneutics, Antinomianism, Calvinism, Pelagianism, Augustinian Gnosticism, Open Theism, all the eschatological views, Messianic prophecies, etc, etc, etc…. I would consider myself a follower of Christ that just likes to be informed. Some call me a theologian.

My wife says I just know too much for such a small head..but she doesn’t call me a Theologian.

Ron Lipps [08/25/2015 12:18 AM]
What a pompous post!!!….

Roger David [08/25/2015 12:19 AM]
I’ve been called worse 🙂

Ron Lipps [08/25/2015 12:23 AM]
Sorry Roger I meant that the main post where he said not many theologians were on this fb page

John Ruffle [08/25/2015 1:45 AM]
The group is Pentecostal Theology. I like that. Everyone does try to do more or less what ‘it says on the box’. It’s the reason I asked to join. If the group was named “Revivalist Fanatics for Jesus’ then only my very much younger self would have joined. It is right to say that all born of the Spirit Christians who study God’s Word and commune with God and use mind heart and spirit to speak of our Precious Faith are theologians.

I like this group. No one yet has asked me (or anyone else that I know of) about the size of their church or if they are in “full time ministry”. Stupid stupid question! We are called to serve, fulfil our calling in its diversity full time because it’s a life style. I think the people who post here “get” that. So I’m very content and happy. Some maybe just “watch and pray” and don’t post. God bless you. I do hope that you find something in the words that blesses and encourages you on your faith-life journey too. I know I do.

Roger David [08/25/2015 9:06 AM]
Pentecostal*. 🙂

John Ruffle [08/25/2015 9:09 AM]
Tell the English teacher. I AM the English teacher!

Marc Alfano [08/25/2015 12:19 PM]
Because all the real scholars and smart people figured out not to waste their time arguing about religion on the Internet!
Ha ha Lol just kidding! Almost made you mad there for a moment!!!! 🙂
Know how many theologians it takes to change a lightbulb? Only one, if the lightbulb really wants to change! Lol
I knew one theologian that specialized in Biblical Archeology, now his whole career is in ruins. 🙂
Know how Catholics avoid sin? Nun of this and nun of that!!!
And that’s a good Habit to get in to!!!
Speaking of English teachers, I once knew a teacher at a Christian school who was crosseyed; she couldn’t control her pupils.

David Lavoie [08/25/2015 12:28 PM]
The secret Things belong To The lord.
Jesus will give you The interpretation, just ask Him.

Jack Pettit [08/25/2015 1:31 PM]
What should they be in order to meet your qualifications?

Norman Rice Jr. [08/25/2015 5:11 PM]
I am and HAVE been a Pentecostal for many many years now and have a “vast amount of interest and love” for Theology!! My forte IS Theology-have studied it well in College(Bible) and love it heartily!!:)

Charles Page [08/25/2015 5:13 PM]
Norman, that is all it takes and it is a rewarding pursuit!!!

Norman Rice Jr. [08/25/2015 5:16 PM]
Also,am not saying this as “bragging” but am Ordained in the AG, so.During my 4 year tenure at Bible school, I was “well taught”by Godly Prof’s.They were all “very level,Theologically, doctrinally. Since a young age, I have held to the same ideas, etc..

Marc Alfano [08/25/2015 6:16 PM]
Hey Norman, did you go to AGTS?
Because $3.75 and a degree from the seminary will buy you a coffee at Starbucks! Ask me how I know. 🙂
( just kidding)

Charles Page [08/25/2015 6:38 PM]
funny I just saw this in the 1929 COG Evangel

John Ruffle [08/26/2015 2:16 AM]
Sectarianism. So he was a preacher but outside “The Church”? Odd.

John Kissinger [08/26/2015 2:24 AM]
out of hundredS intelligent that came only 14 were saved, 2 of them were not sanctified and 3 of them were not filled with the Spirit

James Price [08/26/2015 11:23 AM]
To be a bonafide theologian one must not only have a thorough knowledge of the bible but also of the history that runs parallel with the bible plus of course what the best thinkers have said about God and be familiar with the different worldviews that the previous theologians have had.
Just to study the bible alone means that you only have the Hebrews view of themselves and of God and that leaves many questions unanswered.

Deniese Kline-Thatcher [08/31/2015 7:17 AM]
I am Pentecostal & Praise God for His precious anointing as w/o the Holy Spirit we Limit Him n the Miraculous. & in comforting & guiding us! He is a gentleman always Infilling according to our faith & our acceptance! Anyone lack wisdom in the moving of the Holy Spirit let Him ask God for wisdom thru Christ! Hallelujah!

John Ruffle [08/31/2015 7:19 AM]
Q. “What are the requirements to be considered a Theologian?”
A. “Love God above every other love.”

Deniese Kline-Thatcher [08/31/2015 7:33 AM]
N Christ Alone


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