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Became aware while taking to pastor David M. Hinsen today, that many in the group have not yet tried the Pentecostal Theology app made freely available on the droid store. The app helps you keep up with important news updates and Pentecostal discussions directly on your phone. Get with the program, people – it’s the 21st century! If you cannot install it yourself, pls ask your grandchildren for help. They will be happy to assist free of charge (or just for candy & ice cream).

David M. Hinsen [07/14/2015 7:24 PM]
The app is great

John Kissinger [07/14/2015 7:44 PM]
love that you loved it 🙂

James Armstrong [07/14/2015 10:18 PM]
Apple store?

Jon Sellers [07/15/2015 1:32 AM]
Where is the IPhone version?

John Kissinger [07/15/2015 7:02 PM]
ya’ll just get a droid already 🙂

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  • Varnel Watson
    Reply May 28, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    Are you using it on your phone? Tell us all about your experience

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