Paul, Apostle of Christ

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“Paul, Apostle of Christ” Movie Review…
“Beyond its excellent production, the movie is very faithful to Scripture and truly honoring to God in all it presents. We strongly encourage you to get behind this movie, going to see it with friends and family this opening weekend if you have the opportunity.
“Whether it is with a friend who doesn’t know Christ, your family, or a group of church or neighborhood friends, you won’t be sorry for seeing this film. Undoubtedly, it will open many doors of conversation. Believers will be encouraged to discuss the ideas of persecution and suffering in the lives of the Christians. Unbelievers will be offered the hope of redemption from even the most sinful past. For all, the message of hope in Christ is presented in various ways in the film. And if you don’t find yourself filled with hope and maybe even a few tears at the final scene, I don’t know what could ever stir your soul.” ~Peter Fiske

Do go see “Paul, Apostle of Christ.” I’ve learned over the years that I don’t know enough about film craft to be a qualified critic of the art but this work is first a testament, a witness, to the WAY of Christ before it is anything else.
The Christ followers in this film live in this world by the words of Jesus Christ (in particular the Sermon on the Mount) and their example is moving. They refuse any power except the weakness and humiliation of the cross and therefore the film is, if taken at all seriously or seen and heeded, a strong, stinging rebuke to the church in America, which is addicted to worldly means of power.
This Paul is haunted by his murder of Christians, and his dreams about their deaths are his ‘thorn in the flesh.’ Brilliant. Taking a life for any reason, especially in self defense, is seen by these first Christians as a repudiation of the Way.
I love this movie. I hope millions of American Christians see it. ~Kenneth Tanner

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