Paul Preached Hypergrace

Paul Preached Hypergrace

GOD’S HYPERGRACE PREACHED BY PAUL Ray E Horton, quoting Eric Schlebus God’s super-abounding grace that saves us through Jesus’ death and resurrection, is, in…

Understanding argument in Galatians 3:19-20

I think I understand the argument in Galatians 3:19a about the purpose of the law. But then in the second half of the verse, Paul begins, “The law was given through angels and entrusted to a mediator. A mediator, however, imp…


This is an extract/demonstration from a larger project.Please follow the link below to find out more. note:some of our extracts loose sound but…

Paul, Apostle of Christ

“Paul, Apostle of Christ” Movie Review… “Beyond its excellent production, the movie is very faithful to Scripture and truly honoring to God in all…

In Hebrews 12:1, what is the ‘easily entangling sin’?

In Heb. 12:1 , Paul is mentioning an ‘easily entangling’ kind of sin.

What is this meaning of this sin?

According to Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers, there is no exact answer to this.

Whatever view be taken of the one peculiar word, it does not seem possible that the phrase can point to what is known as a “besetting sin,” the sin which in the case of any one of us is proved to possess especial power.

But maybe some of you has an hermeneutic approach to this?