Pandemic, Pentecostalism and Prophecy (Part 2)

Pandemic, Pentecostalism and Prophecy (Part 2)
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[2007] New Nanoparticle Vaccine Is Both More Effective And Less Expensive

[2009] NanoBio Receives Grant to Develop an Intranasal Vaccine for RSV
No approved vaccine exists today for RSV, which results in an estimated 900,000 hospitalizations annually in the U.S. and Europe

[2009] ‘Micro Shuttle’ Drug Delivery Could Mean An End To Regular Dosing

[2009] MICROSOFT Programming DNA Circuits


[2019] Nanolek partners with GSK for vaccines production in Russia

[2020] To develop a coronavirus vaccine, synthetic biologists try to outdo nature nanoparticles that connect to proteins within the BLOOD

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