You are NOT healed until… words, stomach, belly, second brain

You are NOT healed until… words, stomach, belly, second brain

When toxic emotions are resolved, spontaneous healing follows! Drs. Dennis and Jennifer Clark teach you how to be healed of emotional baggage by yielding to JESUS in your heart. It will transform YOU! Get your copy of Breaking Soul Ties & Healing from Toxic Relationships: Drs. Dennis & Jennifer Clark mentor you in freedom and deliverance. They also equip you in hearing and praying from your spirit. Drs. Dennis and Jennifer Clark say you CAN break unhealthy soul ties in your life! God wants you free from toxic emotions that sabotage His blessings and purposes!

say that most Bible believers have hidden toxic emotions that they just live with, that they’re so
used to them. They’re friends, but these friends are really enemies and they’ll sabotage you to the
point that you won’t receive your physical healing. They’re going to sabotage you to the point
that your marriages will be destroyed. They’re going to sabotage you to the point where you
won’t hear God. They’re going to sabotage you to the point where you will not fulfill your
destiny. And they say, finally, you can get free from those toxic emotions. Anyone interested?
Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death?
Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient
secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.
SID: Well I’m here with my friends Dr. Dennis and Dr. Jennifer Clark. I want to know
something. I know both of you the way you are now. But Jennifer, at the worst point, before you
were married, before you got help, what were you like?
JENNIFER: Well, constant anxiety if not semi-panic attacks. Fear was my most constant
companion. Although I learned to put on a church face and a professional face I was wounded, I
was so beaten down that I would walk with my head looking at the ground. Dennis commented
on this later. So I was pretty much a defeated Christian.
SID: Okay Dennis, her mentor was the president of a Bible college, a professional counselor.
Privately, what did she say to you?
DENNIS: Privately, she said in all of her counseling experience that Jennifer probably wouldn’t
amount to much because she’s so emotionally damaged, that she’d be very limited, particularly
for knowing that I was a pastor and totally ministry-oriented. I think she was afraid that she was
just too damaged.
SID: And yet, you were a trained professional counselor, too. Okay. There is a meeting. You
don’t know each other. You both go to the meeting. You’re not married. It’s time. You’re a widow
and you observe something that defied all of your training of counseling. What did you observe?
JENNIFER: Right. Well first of all, in counseling I had been taught that forgiveness was a long
process and I just never saw anybody get much better. And so we’re at this meeting and a woman
has an emotional meltdown and ends up on the floor, crying. Everybody is staring at her and I
thought five or ten years’ worth of counseling right there on the floor. But Dennis went over to
her, and because of my counseling training I knew what was happening. He got down on one
knee and started leading her through emotional healings and they were instant, and pulling down
mental strongholds, instantly demonic activity was flying off because the doors were being
closed. The enemy can’t come unless he has legal ground or permission. And in less than ten
minutes, that woman was up on her feet, perfect emotional composure. She had a glow on her
face and my thought was this is huge. If the church knew this we could have a healed church.
This could change the world.
SID: So, make a long story short, Jennifer is fascinated by what he’s pioneered and they get
SID: And then each day for a few months you work on a couple of areas with Jennifer. And
Jennifer, then you bump into your former mentor and what did she say to you?
JENNIFER: She said, “What happened to you? You’re transformed.” And I was. I was, just a
couple of months in marriage, Dennis, discipling me, teaching me how to tap into the fruit of the
Spirit, which I never knew you could really do, and dealing with these toxic emotions, because by
the time we’re adults we have a whole trainload full of baggage that we’ve accumulated. And in
dealing with that and really getting set free from my toxic emotions for a couple of months totally
changed my life. I could hardly remember the wounded, defeated woman I had been before.
SID: From a psychology viewpoint, is there any way someone like you could get free in 60
SID: The best the world has to offer anyone?
SID: And then God spoke to you after you were free. What did he say?
JENNIFER: He said, “You need to take this to the world. The church needs to learn this.” And
it’s really demystifying how to live in the Spirit, demystifying how to go Jesus in us to meet your
needs. You see, we say we’re not counselors. We don’t do counseling. We teach believers. We’re
coaches. We teach believers how to go to Jesus in them and that’s the secret because everything
we take to Jesus, it’s easy for him, and forgiveness is instant when we go to Jesus.
SID: But there are even Christian programs that take so long. You’re telling me that from the
biggest trauma to the minor thing that’s just a problem for the individual, you can get instant
JENNIFER: Seconds. Seconds.
SID: Seconds?
JENNIFER: Yes. And see, we don’t need to hear somebody’s long story. All we have to do is
coach them in how to go to Jesus in them and let Jesus show them.
SID: Okay. A little later we’re going to teach you how to do this right on this show. But in the
meantime, CDC has said that 90 percent of diseases are emotionally based, which means if in
seconds you can get rid of the toxic emotions, guess what happens to your diseases? Your
lightning brain has told you. I’ll be right back.
We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.
We now return to It’s Supernatural.
SID: When I ask them my first question you are going to find out why so many of the promises
of God that you’ve been begging God to answer haven’t been answered. And Jennifer, you gave
me the key, and of course it’s in the Bible, but you gave me the key from science. Science has
proven we have two brains. Explain that.
JENNIFER: Well in 1999, a gastroenterologist discovered that we have a second nervous
system that he called a second brain, and where this is located is in the gut. It’s neurons that are
in sheaths that line our entire intestinal, our stomach, our esophagus, our bowels, and this is our
emotional processor, our gut. We have a thinking brain and we have an emotional brain and our
emotional brain tells our thinking brain how we feel.
SID: Dennis, you told me it is possible to live in the Spirit 24/7. You told me it’s possible to
develop your spirit to such a point that you have discernment whether someone is telling the
truth or not. Tell me how that works with you.
DENNIS: In every case, from the very inception is a baby Christian. When I would be communing
with God, and I just love being in his presence, and I would see a face flash before my mind and I
would lose that peace. And the Lord spoke to me and he said, “Don’t let anything come between
what you and I have together.” So I learned just as a principle of not having anything between us,
and so any negative emotion, whether it was anger toward a foreman at work or what have you,
was coming between me and my Jesus. So I learned at an early place to just release forgiveness
and the ugly emotion would go, but I could still picture that foreman without the poison. And I saw
that forgiveness has to flow, we know it’s Matthew 18, but forgiveness has to flow from the heart.
And when forgiveness flows from the heart the internal evidence is peace. And from the place of
peace you discern everything going around you, good or bad.
SID: You know what, studio audience, I don’t know about you, I’m experiencing that peace as
he’s talking. Are some of you catching that? How would you say emotional health is so linked to
physical health? I mean, I said the statistic by CDC.
DENNIS: We saw it primarily when we spent a number of years traveling church to church. We
would see people who were dealing with just really repenting and releasing forgiveness to mothers,
fathers, issues of life, and they were pleasantly surprised by physical healings that they weren’t
even pursuing at that point in time. And I said, there’s the connection between the emotional
freedom and health in general, yes, but we saw the manifestation of actual physical healing. The
one that really amazed me was a person, a young man received forgiveness for his father. He said
he always tried to forgive his father for years. He was sincere, but doing it from his head. When I
taught him how to release it from his heart, he just sobbed and released it. Peace was in evidence
after the forgiveness and he was instantly healed of color blindness. Now even Jennifer said with
all her counselor training, no one would have linked that. If God knit us together in our mother’s
womb, I trust him to see where the tangles are because they’re beyond our training.
SID: Jennifer, how does this work with marriage?
JENNIFER: One of the most wonderful stories is a couple who got divorced, worked through
the 60-day challenge individually. After their issues were dealt with they were able to fall back
in love and remarried.
SID: I’d say that is supernatural. Now if it’s okay with you, only if you’re interested, when we
come back, can I have them equip you how to have that supernatural toxic emotion be set free? I
mean, you can do this lifetime of garbage, get rid of in less than two months and then you
become your normal, normal as defined by the Bible, [self]. Be right back.
We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.
We now return to It’s Supernatural.
SID: Dennis, doctors tell us stress is really bad. It causes all sorts of problems. But what do you say?
DENNIS: I say stress can be a friend. It can tell you that Jesus isn’t ruling at that point in time.
And stress is actually, by definition, this is for the men who don’t have emotions or think they
don’t, stress means you’re emotionally controlled by people or circumstances. Got to add one
more. And you cannot be stressed and trust God at the same time. It’s a physiological and
spiritual impossibility.
SID: Okay. I want you to teach us how you get in touch with your spirit, how you can stay in
your spirit, where the spirit is, please.
DENNIS: Okay. The 60-Day Challenge, by the way, is named after Jennifer, so I’m going to
show you exactly the way I did it with Jennifer, who was extremely cerebral. And the first thing I
showed her to do was when you close your eyes you focus down here in the gut, the belly area.
That surprised her as it was. Then I saw that she was, but what about, and I said, back down,
because she got right back up in her head with questions and analysis. And I said, “Jennifer, put
your hand here. And as long as your hand is here you’re going to be able to use your mind, but
I’m going to get you to focus on your heart.” And by the way, this is your Bible heart [stomach].
This is not your Bible heart [chest]. This is your Bible heart. It will change your life. This is
where you function from. All right.
JENNIFER: And what amazed me was he said, “Yield to Jesus.” And then he said, “That
feeling you’re feeling, that’s the peace of God. That’s the fruit of the Spirit. That’s where we’re
supposed to live. That’s how we know we’re abiding in the vine, is that peace, and that peace is a
river that will carry you effortlessly through life and it’s meant to. It’s a gift. Jesus never takes it
away from you. You can always get back there.
SID: So how do we drop down? Explain.
DENNIS: All right. When you drop down, you basically pay attention. You use your mind. You
don’t through your mind [figure] out. But you pay attention. And you, [the] minute you feel
peace, and for the benefit of you men, nothing, there’s people who would give their life savings
to feel nothing. They live in low grade anxiety all day long, even if they’re a quiet person. That
anxiety is not prayer and it’s not presence in Jesus.
JENNIFER: This is so easy that even little children can learn to live in the peace of God and
quickly deal with any toxic emotions that come up. And it’s a matter of changing your focus
down to Jesus in you. That’s where the Glory is. That’s where the power is.
DENNIS: Where he supplies all of your need. You want to see your promises come to pass. He
supplies all of your needs according to his riches in Glory. It’s available and it’s Jesus in you,
Messiah in you, the hope of Glory.
SID: You use this analogy of a well with a bucket.
DENNIS: Yes. Actually, we use this for the third graders when we teach it.
SID: We need that.
DENNIS: That’s the way to start. We say it’s like a bucket. When you drop your bucket you feel
peace. When you get back up into your head, your anxious motor down here starts rolling.
JENNIFER: Tell him what the little boy said.
DENNIS: A little third grader says, “Well of course we know that.” He says, “Everyone knows
there’s no living water in your head.”
SID: Okay. Dennis, I really want you to get a volunteer from our audience and demonstrate this.
DENNIS: It’s easier to do it than to talk about it.
JENNIFER: Somebody with a serious issue.
DENNIS: Somebody with a serious emotional issue, traumas that come back and forth every
now and then.
SID: There’s someone there. Come up.
DENNIS: Okay. And actually, by discernment I can feel she’s experiencing it right now. Come
on up.
SID: I love this. When you train your spirit and you literally can discern now, you know how
important this discernment is? What’s your name?
Teresa: Teresa.
DENNIS: Teresa, see, I’m going by discernment, so I’m cheating. But what’s important is that
she knows what’s going on. But I can feel the pain right now, a particular person or situation.
Close your eyes, because when you close your eyes you have a tendency to drop down. Person or
situation, I want you, can you tell us what it is? Just one situation, one person.
Teresa: Can it be me?
Teresa: Me.
DENNIS: It’s herself. When you think of yourself in a particular situation, is it a particular
situation? Okay. Put your hand down here [stomach].
JENNIFER: This is key, to let yourself feel the toxic emotion.
DENNIS: Every thought has of course a body emotion, but for Jesus to take it, you offer it
momentarily. You feel the feeling? Nod your head. Okay there it is. Now let, allow Jesus in you,
the forgiver, to go through that feeling and right through it. This is John 7:30, “Out of my belly
flows a river of living forgiveness.” In your case, you’re receiving forgiveness for yourself. If it
was someone else, it would flow out. I drink in from down here. I drink in forgiveness. Did it
change the peace already? Yes. You can’t fool me because I could feel your spirit. And with little
children, they do it just this fast. What we’ve missed in the church is something so simple, and
it’s right in your Bible, Matthew 18, “Unless we forgive from the heart.” And we are so sincere
when we feel it from the head and then we battle with it for years. We see the countenance
change. We see this on third graders, second graders. Now where that peace now resides, nobody
can take it away when God leaves [it there]. Feel like yourself now?
Teresa: Better.
DENNIS: Better.
JENNIFER: When God leaves his peace it’s permanent.
DENNIS: He himself is our peace and he never leaves us. You have to actually get in your head
[to] leave him, in a sense.
SID: I have a question for you. It’s an important question. Take a look at Jennifer. You heard
what she was like. How would you like to be like her in 60 days? How about you?
SID: Next week on It’s Supernatural.
Jonathan Bernis: Hello, I’m Jonathan Bernis. Did you know that world witnessing things today
that the prophets of old long to see? Join me on the next It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth as we
unlock the prophetic mysteries of one of the most conclusive signs of the End Times in history.
Don’t miss it.




60 Days to Complete Freedom and Peace
By Drs. Dennis and Jennifer Clark

Hidden toxic emotions will interfere with hearing God’s voice, destroy relationships, and block physical healing.

Twenty years ago, my mentor—a Christian counselor, Bible school president, and psychologist—privately told my new husband, Dennis, that she had believed I was too emotionally damaged to be of much use to God. I’m glad she never told me that because I’d have been devastated!

I urge you to get The 60 Day Challenge & Flowing in the River of God’s Will (Book, Journal/Devotional & 3-CD Set).
In spite of a dramatic conversion experience, old emotional baggage held me back at every step. People and circumstances continually triggered insecurities, fears, and long-suppressed pain. After a few years, I became a Christian counselor because it grieved me to see so many wounded believers like myself in the church. I learned to “cope” with my feelings better. However, coping isn’t healing—it’s flesh.

Most of the time I managed to present an appearance of professional confidence and decorum, but beneath the surface I experienced hidden torment. Despite all my training, I was trapped in my past—bound by hidden hurts, wounds, fears, anger and shame. I also had difficulty receiving guidance from the Lord because my inner turmoil prevented me from hearing Him clearly.

The next time my former mentor saw me, however, I had been married to Dennis for two months. She exclaimed, “What happened to you? You’re completely transformed!”

And I was. The issues that had plagued me were gone! Removing the baggage of my past resulted in a total life makeover. All things have become new (2 Cor. 5:17).

A Transformed Life
Let me tell you the story. We were two strangers from different parts of the country—a pastor named Dennis and me, a Christian counselor—attending a conference in Jacksonville, Florida. I had been to plenty of conferences before, but none of them changed my life quite like this one.

During one session, a young woman suddenly had an emotional meltdown. Completely freaking out, she collapsed onto the floor, weeping. Nobody helped her. Instead, everyone simply froze in their tracks, staring in shock as the tormented young woman writhed on the carpet.

I thought to myself, “That’s five or ten years of counseling right there on the floor!” Based on my experience, I had little hope for her.

After a brief moment of hesitation, a pastor came over and calmly knelt beside her. Step-by-step, he began to coach her, and her emotional pain was quickly and easily transformed into deep peace. It was an amazing scene.

In less than ten minutes, the woman was up on her feet, smiling and calm, testifying that her emotional pain was gone. I’d never seen anything like this. This pastor’s approach amazed me. It not only brought relief, but it was fast. I thought, “This is huge!” In a flash, I saw what such rapid and thorough emotional healing could mean to a world full of hurting people.

My life has never been the same since that day when I saw a young woman’s life transformed in mere moments. That’s also the day I met Dennis—the pastor, who is now my husband—and he started teaching me about this revolutionary new-to-me approach of going directly to Messiah Jesus in our own heart to meet every need: Messiah in you, the hope of glory (Col. 1:27).

How was I healed? My husband, Dennis, taught me a new way to pray and coached me in it for the first two months of our marriage as the Lord healed my heart. All people, including believers, deal with toxic emotions that can sabotage marriages, cause sickness, stop us from hearing God or tragically, keep us from fulfilling our destiny. You can get rid of a lifetime of toxic emotions supernaturally as I did. Removing toxic emotions also resulted in spontaneous physical healings. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 90 percent of physical ailments are emotionally based.

It was simple and easy. I yielded to Jesus in my own heart and He did the work. The end result was so dramatic I could hardly remember the wounded and defeated woman I had once been.

Everyone Can Learn
Believers from three to 103 can learn how to do this for themselves as well as help others. I wrote down what Dennis taught me and now it has become our quest to get the how-to’s out to as many people as possible.

We have equipped thousands of believers around the world and our online school is currently reaching 35 nations. Many have developed ministries within their own churches or started house churches and groups. We have also trained many pastors who have made their own lives easier by teaching members of their congregation how to go directly to Jesus within for healing and deliverance.

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Forgiveness is Not a Process, It’s Instant
Stored toxic emotions and resultant behavior patterns are destiny destroyers that prevent us from receiving the promises of God…until we learn how to remove the barriers.

Forgiveness is the key for removing negative emotions. When we forgive properly , toxic emotions are instantly washed out and replaced by supernatural peace. However, most believers think it’s a long process. The problem is that they are trying to forgive with their head instead of their heart. Christianity is a matter of the heart. Believers know intuitively that salvation takes place in the heart! We must believe in our heart to be saved (see Rom. 10:9). We must also forgive from our heart (see Matt. 18:35). “From the heart” is the secret. Our inner reality is determined by what is in our heart, not by the words we say or our mental analysis. What happens in our heart is what counts!

When you learn to function from your heart, all the promises of God are activated!

You Have Two Brains
Researchers have discovered that we have not one but two brains—a thinking brain in our head and an emotional brain in our gut*. In early embryonic development a band of neural tissue divides and forms two separate and independent nervous systems—the central nervous system (CNS) and the recently discovered enteric nervous system (ENS) comprised of nerve cells that line the esophagus, stomach, intestines, and bowel**. The thinking brain doesn’t relay information to the gut, however. The brain in our gut tells the brain in our head how we feel! Have you ever heard bad news and felt “sick” in your gut? Had a gut hunch? Listened to your heart instead of your head? Now you know why. Our emotional heart is centered in the gut.

Interestingly enough, science is finally catching up to the Bible because words such as “belly” in the original Hebrew and Greek are often translated “heart” in English. The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly (Prov. 20:27 KJV). And, in the New Testament, Jesus says, He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water (John 7:38 KJV) implying that our spiritual life is also centered in the gut.

Spending 60 days forgiving from the heart as the Lord leads will change your life forever!

* Michael Gershon, The Second Brain: A Groundbreaking New Understanding of Nervous Disorders of the Stomach and Intestine, (New York, NY; Harper Collins, 2003).
** Adam Hadhazy, “Think twice: How the gut’s ‘second brain’ influences mood and well-being” Scientific American February 12, 2010 (accessed January 7, 2018.)
Drs. Dennis and Jennifer Clark minister full-time as a husband and wife team. They pastor Kingdom Life Church in Fort Mill, SC, host their TV show, Secrets Revealed, on It’s Supernatural! Network, and are founders of Full Stature Ministries.


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