Origins of the Anabaptists

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Luchen Bailey |


Today we want to take a look at the origins of what is refereed to as the Anabaptist. To do this we need to take a look at the background of Baptism (by water) in the early church and the Roman Catholic Church.

Brody Pope [03/05/2016 6:53 AM]
Are Anabaptists still around? I know that there are a lot of Baptist churches around here, many of them are Southern Baptist. But some are not. The ones that aren’t Southern Baptist shout, run the isles, and they preach like us Pentecostals do. Are those the Anabaptists? I find this stuff really interesting.

Troy Day [03/05/2016 7:10 AM]
They go to the primitive baptist church with Charles Page

Brody Pope [03/05/2016 7:11 AM]
Lol. Well, what’s the difference between an Anabaptist and a primitive Baptist?

Troy Day [03/05/2016 7:12 AM]
the first are ana and the later are primi 🙂

Brody Pope [03/05/2016 7:15 AM]
So no doctrinal differences, just name differences ay.

Troy Day [03/05/2016 7:16 AM]
Of course they have doctrinal differences. Did you not read the article that says Link Hudson is a baptist and Charles Page is not even a protestant – if we believe the thesis claims as presented in the article

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