Noah and Books :: By Jim Towers

Noah and Books :: By Jim Towers

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The title of my previous article was “As It Was in the Days of Noah.” Yesterday I went to the nearest Publix supermarket to get some ready-made Cole slaw to go with the fish and chips we were having for supper. I sometimes have arthritic pain in my hips, so I rode one of the battery-powered carts provided for their customers.

While I was checking out, I noticed a carryout boy yawning at the end of the aisle next to the one I was in. Since I try to talk to everyone that captures my attention, I said to him, “That’s what you get for staying up late playing video games.” He was startled and looked at me as if to say, “How did you know?” Well, I’m not a psychic nor a prophet; I just love people and try to be friendly – but more than that, it’s common knowledge that most young men do just that.

In any case, he followed me out of the store to retrieve the cart I rode out to my Chevy S10. “Are you really a writer?” he asked, noticing my cap with “Writer” emblazoned on the front. The young man continued, “I want to be a writer someday.”

“Well then, you’d better learn the English language as best you can and practice, practice, practice.” I added, “By the way, I just finished writing a book about my days as a professional character actor in movies.”

We made small talk when he said something to the effect that Hollywood was becoming an evil place, to which I responded, the whole world is becoming more and more evil than ever before, and I stated my reasons for thinking that way. Once or twice, he began to object, saying, “It’s always been that way.” I agreed, but then I added a few obvious anomalies to back up what I had said.

We reached my truck, and before I began witnessing to him, I inadvertently looked at his name tag. It read “Noah”!

Immediately, I said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man be.” I recounted a little of the Bible story, and just as I was about to lead him to Christ, a man pulled up and cut me short by asking where the nearest hardware store was. I gave Noah my card and told him to check out my latest article on Rapture Ready. If he did as I told him, he would have come across my article, “As it was in the days of Noah”! Was that (as hippies would say) serendipity, coincidence, or what?

The man looking for a hardware store showed up just in time to thwart our conversation. So now, I will have to see Noah again, present the Gospel, and give him a Bible.

Book report

It’s good to know that Major Pete Garcia (an excellent writer) has co-authored a book with our prophecy expert Terry James. I will have to order it and see what these powerful men of God have to say.

Also, I just finished reading This Was CNN by Kent Heckenlively and Cary Poarch, which was about Cary (a whistleblower) who wore a wire and recorded conversations at CNN that exposed the rampant political bias reported by Project Veritas – having to do with the election of Joe Biden. It turns out that many in that organization were perverts as well as liars and adulterers who interfered in the presidential election. Corrupt CNN was deeply immersed in phony and biased information, bringing them down to now – big lying nothing burger.

Perry Stone never appealed to me; I always viewed him as a handsome hotshot, self-promoting televangelist, but I bought a used book of his written six years ago. The title of the book was Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avenue, and I was glad I did. (Early on, I said I was neither a clairvoyant nor a prophet but just a guy from the block.) Nevertheless, as I began reading – which I do every night at bedtime along with the Bible to digest what I read as I sleep – low and behold, that man can write well! Best of all was that he espoused many of the same things I believed about the political and spiritual landscape of the United States and everything in between. All that he said in the book that would happen six years ago has happened! Albeit we of his ilk also saw these things beginning to take shape at that same time, but he lays all the who’s and whys precisely, which takes an enormous amount of research.

I was blown away like a feather. Obviously, this man is gifted. (I just wish he’s quit cranking his neck the way he does to exude cockiness and confidence.)

Now, on to my incredible story, Dreams, Visions, Miracles, Peace and Power. I really can’t explain why I wrote this story of my life, but I suppose that it was because so many of us Christians were apathetic couch and pew potatoes back when I began writing – and I wanted to encourage them to be more evangelical. On top of that, I wanted to let them know that God always has the back of anyone who dares to buck the system and stand up for His kingdom, come hell or high water. In reading my book, you will find that I began sharing my testimony with others the day after my conversion over forty-five years ago.

After the vision and subsequent encounter with Satan, I felt that it was my calling to reach out to others, knowing that many people were hellbound.

Today, I prepare to share my story on eBooks and eventually in book form, and frankly, I am tired of all the work it entailed, so I thought I’d buy a little rowboat and go fishing for the rest of my life. But as I see all the grievous happenings in our country and around the world, I’ve decided to end my life fighting the good fight instead – come hell or high water. Now is not the time to quit, especially as we see the rapture of the church about to take place and the time of tribulation about to set in.

Note: In my book, I also share my many supernatural miracles, dealings with the unsaved, and the ethereal encounters of others who experienced angels, ghosts, demon possession, and UFO sightings. I am glad I never had to experience such things.

It was enough to have God speak to me in an unmistakable audible voice with coherent words.


Jim Towers

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