NO longer white Christian country

NO longer white Christian country
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Joseph Kidwell We had better get used to it and adapt.
Marc Jackson No getting used to. Change is coming with  #revival
Joseph Kidwell I’m talking about the ‘browning’ of the Church.
Joseph Kidwell Nope.
Clyde M. Hughes If you mean a holiness Pentecostal country, never. But if you mean one founded upon Christian principles, definitely. New England pastors stirred the embers of freedom from their pulpits being the first to speak of a two house congress, one represented…See More
Joshua A. Humphries Some of the colonies were founded on such principles, but others were not and refused to be seen as such. They united on something a bit more complicated than that. That’s my short answer. If you want something more detailed, take a number because I have a bunch of folks who’ve asked me to write stuff for them.
Scotty Searan We had some Christian principles when we were founded, but was the early Americans Christians as a whole
Joshua A. Humphries Well, that depends on your definition of “Christian.” Many of the founding fathers were Unitarians or believers in other religious movements that most folks on this group would not label as “Christian.”
Scotty Searan That’s what i am trying to get across.We had some Christian principles that even some religions share with us.But our country was not a Christian nation when it was founded and it is not today….See More
Marc Jackson Clyde M. Hughes wernt they masons to start with?
Clyde M. Hughes Unfortunately.
Marc Jackson Clyde M. Hughes Jan Dixon Sykes Pat Fretwell I think that its time as conservative Christian republican to face the truth – if we want the Republic to still go on Trump was great…See More
Pat Fretwell U r either ill informed or just plain blind. U should be thanking ur good Lord that Trump won & not socialist, criminal Clinton. What a shame!
Clyde M. Hughes As the Geneva Bible’s margins states, we have no king but Jesus. No one can defend Trump’s torrid past any more than they could defend Bill Clinton’s rape, but it is not Trump we support but Judeo-Christian values. As far as the border, most of us beli…See More
Pat Fretwell Well said!
Marc Jackson I agree with Geneva Clyde M. Hughes Do you think Trump is real conservative republican or just a hack?
Clyde M. Hughes I agree he has flip-flopped. What he is doing is too serious, too lasting (except for his Executive Orders which can be reversed by the next president,) and too hated by liberals to be a hack. If Kennedy retires or the wicked Ginsburg resigns, he will …See More
Scotty Searan Evidently Executive Orders cannot be reverse, Just look at what the judges are doing when he tries to reverse them, such as DACA
Clyde M. Hughes With Hillary, our country would have been lost forever. I fear all we can do is slow the degradation down. Demographics (the key reason for Democrat immigration policies) is making America less Christian each day. Although less than 20% vote with conservative moral values as their core, there remains a residual Christian value system even in many who know not Christ.
Marc Jackson
Jan Dixon Sykes Our country was based on a Judeo-Christian justice system.  Proportional punishment.  Equal, individual rights for all.  …….. We are not based on Sharia Law like the Muslim countries are.  We are not based on three generations going to a prison cam…See More
Marc Jackson Jan Dixon Sykes you;ve been copy pasting the same old things for months now. Tell us straight: Do you think Trump is a real republican?
Jan Dixon Sykes No, I think he is a nationalist.  His policies are neither Republican nor Democrat.  He is a pragmatist who does whatever he thinks preserves our sovereignty and the jobs of Americans.  That’s why he got the blue rust belt.  He was the first candidate to come along and fight for their MANUFACTURING jobs.
Clyde M. Hughes There is a small chance he could be patronizing Evangelicals knowing he can do nothing without their support but if so, he is doing a swell job of it.
Jan Dixon Sykes His grandchildren are Jews.  Half of his business associates in NYC were Jews.  OF COURSE, he would be sympathetic toward Israel.  He doesn’t even have to be Christian to want to move our embassy to Jerusalem.  But it turns out whatever his motivations are, his policies match Christian policies.  He was aghast Jews and blacks couldn’t golf at Mar a Lago back in the 80s when he bought it.
Marc Jackson oh no no none of these socialist stuff Jan What does it mean I am neither republican nor dem but am your president?WHAT HAPPENED TOthe Republic for which it stands,…See More
Jan Dixon Sykes We have a “Constitutional Republic.”  “Republican” is also the name of a political party.  Just like we vote “democratically” and then there is a “Democrat” political party.  The Party names are not what the country is or not.  People can also identify…See More
Marc Jackson So now Jan you seem to be arguing that when dems rule we have one nation under God. Come on! Really? Dems got you all messed up with their liberal thinking Should have never allowed Trump to stir such mess
Jan Dixon Sykes Troy, whether we are individually Democrat or Republican, the GOVERNMENT is a Constitutional Republic.  Meaning we have a representative government with limitations.  Not a straight democratic government, which is mob rule. ………… Remember how Hi…See More
Marc Jackson Jan what does any of this got to do with what we are talking about here? I simply asked if you believe Trump is really a repiblican I’ve already stated he does not represent GOP values
Marc Jackson Sincere apologies for typing GdOP instead of GOP Google spell checkers have also been mixed up trying to insert Dems (D) in GOP nowadays – as it seems
Jan Dixon Sykes Troy, a Republican would not have typically said he would repeal AND REPLACE Obamacare.  He would have run on just repealing it.  A Republican would not have offered the Dreamers a deal.  He would have just deported them.  A Republican would not have b…See More
Marc Jackson OK can we PLS stop with this liberal socialistic definitions Modern day socialism wants us to be a democratic republic such as  the Democratic Republic of Congo (which IMO is neither) These United States are still a Republic with  a form of governmen…See More
Jan Dixon Sykes We don’t have a Republican Constitution.  We have a Constitutional Republic.
Marc Jackson we dont have a re-public right now Just think about it!!!! We have state secret organization The TRUTH is slowly coming out and being re-public-ed (republished) again  David Chambers since 70% evangelicals got involved in the elections anti-communism d…See More
Vlad Stepanov Why would color even matter?
David Chambers It doesn’t.
Marc Jackson Did it matter in the last elections?

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