What would you think if someone was trying to convince you that you could put water, instead of gasoline in your automobile and that it would run? Would you continue to have a lengthy discussion on the subject matter? Absolutely not, else you would likewise be an idiot. So it is with much of this string. And when I refuse to engage in such discussion, I am informed I am a “cop-out. Entire Sanctification does infer a Christian will never sin again. People who advocate that thought are from the Assembly of God or Baptist background. That is due to their old doctrine of Predestination. Once again, these people who post such statements have no knowledge of the history of the Holiness Movement, nor of scripture. Like Trump’s statement of FAKE NEWS, these people are FAKE, and void of any true biblical knowledge. For example, take note of the brother’s explanation he gives of Ephesians 4:22(f). He states that the PUT OFF means “continuance action.” That tells me that he did not even research a commentary regarding this passage. And these people want me to give my time to this ignorance? If the brother would have studied just a little, he would have discovered that Paul uses the AORIST TENSE, thus fully supporting my position. Now were the Corinthians all saved? Yes. Were they all sanctified? No. This was the issue Paul was dealing with in Ephesians and Colossians. And then our dear brother lists First Corinthians where Paul states, “I die daily.” I know where he got his knowledge. By listening to some other preacher or teacher who is just as ignorant of the scriptures. Paul’s “I die daily” has absolutely NO REFERENCE to Sanctification whatsoever. Instead, it has to do with physical death. He writes of the physical persecution he endured, and states “I die daily” meaning his physical life was in jeopardy every day of his Christian life. Read the chapter yourself. See if you can find any reference whatsoever to Sanctification? The chapter deals totally with physical death and our resurrection. But they do not want you to know that. They want to promote their false doctrine so they can continue to live in some ” begetting sin” without feeling condemned about it. So my conclusion is, Do I wish to engage in discussions where ignorance is involved, and all because they are just too lazy to really study the scriptures and discover the truth? Second Timothy 2:15 condemns them. NO MY FRIENDS, WATER WILL NEVER BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR GASOLINE IN A VEHICLE. Again, If the brothers wish to discuss theology, I encourage them to obtain some type of formal biblical knowledge before they start posting their foolishness. Sad to say, but when they do post such falsehood, many true biblical scholars simply laugh at them, even though often times they post no response.