Dr. Harter, having just read your post above I submit that it is a COP OUT to not face the music of what Scripture ACTUALLY says sir. Since Pentecostal-Holiness preachers are the ones propagating the doctrine, the onus is on YOU to show how it is Scriptural following normal, generally-established rules of biblical hermeneutics. I am putting in, once again, the statement that there is NO PLACE in Scripture that links an experience of the Holy Spirit, whether with tongues or not, to producing a state wherein the believer will never sin again. The Bible teaches growing in grace, it does not teach that the believer will never sin again after either the New Birth or the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. To say you will not deal with “progressives” (I assume you mean those who believe, as I do, in Progressive Sanctification, not rank Liberals) is to admit theological cowardice at the very least. I have no problem talking Scripture and I will not have it said of me that I am “not interested in what the Bible has to say” about the topic. I most certainly am, in fact, that is my challenge to those who hold this and other biblically untenable doctrines. I have been dealing with cults and various Christian aberrations for well over 20 years now. I do not shrink from challenge where the integrity of God’s Word is concerned. I also warn that I’ve already heard it said by the cults too many times: “Yes, I know that’s what it says ON THE PAGE…but what it REALLY MEANS is….” and off they go. So, I have no worries. I welcome the challenge. There are only three positions to any biblical debate: 1.) The posited doctrine IS biblically verifiable. 2.) The posited doctrine is NOT biblically verifiable and 3.) We don’t have enough information to make a dogmatic statement. In this case there is quite enough evidence to go with verdict #2. Therefore, don’t bring the challenge and then accuse Pentecostals who disagree on the basis of SCRIPTURE that WE are the ones “not interested” in the biblical truth. Au contraire, monsieur!