Missionary serving in Turkey where working in very difficult areas under extreme war conditions

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Terry Wiles | PentecostalTheology.com


Leaders. I have a missionary under me who is serving in Turkey where we are working in very difficult areas. I received this email from him today. If you have a moment would you please pray for him and his family and pastors who are working in conditions where people are being martyred for Christ. His email is as follows:…

Dear Friends: The situation in the country is getting worse. This Sunday was another terrorist attack in the capital, many died and many are still at the hospital. Between the conflicts, there are many civilians who are dying and many who will die.

I just talked with some of our co workers and friends, thanks God they are fine. The church in Smyrna is having some legal issues and the main leader is very sick so we are traveling next week to help them. There are others persons who need a miracle healing also.

Please pray for the souls of those who are dying without hope. Pray for protection of our brothers and for this trip. Ask God that He moves his hand in favor of his people in Smyrna. We are expecting miracles and a big harvest. Thank you very much for share this burden with us. Blessing

OC. & J. (name shielded because of sensitive area)

Thank You

+Terry Wiles

Ruth Brigantti [03/15/2016 5:35 PM]

Ricky Grimsley [03/15/2016 5:38 PM]
I will pray for him. I think erdogan is probably the antichrist.

Steve Webb [03/15/2016 7:03 PM]
Praying now

Christopher Hart [03/15/2016 7:36 PM]
You’ve got it brother.

Troy Day [03/15/2016 9:35 PM]

Diane Nott [03/15/2016 9:51 PM]
??In Jesus Name

Stan Wayne [03/16/2016 2:22 PM]
Stan Wayne liked this on Facebook.

Henry Bezalel [03/17/2016 4:35 AM]
We are in prayers with you folks.God is able

Troy Day [03/17/2016 9:58 AM]
Sadly – how can we in this group effectively and effectually pray against this type of prophetic invasions that destroy our world? http://www.businessinsider.com/r-russia-can-make-powerful-syria-comeback-within-hours-putin-2016-3

Ricky Grimsley [03/17/2016 10:15 AM]
We can pray for grace to stand through what must be and shine the light to wake up those in darkness. Eventually time runs out and the prophecies must happen so must work while it is day.

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