Lord, have mercy on Ukraine!

Lord, have mercy on Ukraine!

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The film footage ‘Lord have mercy on Ukraine’ was created by local people in Bucha and shown at the opening of the National Day of Prayer for Ukraine, which took place on June 10, 2023, in Bucha, the city of Heroes of Ukraine.

An undefeated city that survived infamous war crimes committed by the Russian occupiers, a city which has demonstrated an unshakable and indomitable faith in God and in His Victory.

Thank you to everyone who liberated Bucha, thank you to everyone who continues sacrificially fighting to liberate the Ukrainian land, thank you to everyone who is fighting for us in prayer until the Victory comes.

Lord, show your mercy on Ukraine!

On 10th June, as President Zelenskyy launched Ukraine’s long-awaited Counteroffensive – the most critical and final phase of the largest and most dangerous armed conflict in Europe since WWII – we held the 8th National Day of Prayer for Ukraine. The Heads of every Christian Denomination gathered in Bucha to pray for Total Victory. Significantly, Bucha was at the very heart of the fiercest battles in the first 40 days of Putin’s invasion – for which he stands indicted of war crimes against humanity.

Thousands came from all Ukraine to join the prayer which we held in a Sport Hall that was occupied by the aggressors in those first days of the war. Its restoration was completed only days before our event. The people overfilled, not only the main hall, but two others at the same location! Plus many more standing outside listening to the loudspeakers!

David said: “On this day, 10 June 2023, all Ukraine is united in prayer – online and here, in this terrible Place of Destruction, Bucha – to call on God. Ukraine, God has seen your suffering, He has heard your cries! He will not allow you to be destroyed! We are already preparing our Victory celebration. We will have two celebrations, one in Crimea and one in Kyiv itself. God has declared – YOU WILL WIN!”

Watch the English language translation of the service on the link below:

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