Put on our pastoral theological receptors

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John Ruffle | PentecostalTheology.com


Let’s put on our pastoral theological receptors for this one ok?

That means, how we apply orthodoxy in practical face to face, real life people situations.

What if we approach the idea of “original sin” and approach it in pastoral work as “generational sin”?

(This is NOT a discussion thread about original sin, so please lets not make it that.) I’m thinking about how we instruct new believers in the mindset that there are aspects of our lives that we have little or no control over – childhood abuse, for instance – that we need help in giving to Jesus. Giving our anger, our hurts, our broken new and dysfunctionality. This is something totally alien to the gay rights movement.

Ok – so… how do we address and help converts give to Jesus the evils done against us – as well as the evils WE have committed?

John Kissinger [09/10/2015 4:21 AM]
“original sin” is “generational sin” – it’s all sin from where I’m sitting

Anthony Lombard [09/10/2015 7:27 AM]
I think its called “confession”.

Charles Page [09/10/2015 10:33 AM]
are original, inherited and generational sin all the same?

John Ruffle [09/10/2015 11:19 PM]
Doesn’t appear to be much appetite for pastoral theology here right now. I wonder why? ?

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