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John Walters | PentecostalTheology.com

Hi guys, hope you can help me? Me and my family fellowship at a very traditional style church (brethren roots) and we feel it is time to move on to a church that has more freedom from the Holy Spirit. The only other church within walking distance from our home is a AoG church, however we have had teachings that some of the things that happen within the AoG are not of the Holy Spirit and not to go. Can you help us as we are a bit confused? We don’t want to leave our church just to have a more emotional worship, we need scriptural teachings too and I find it very hard to accept holy laughter etc to be from God. Is there any AoG members out in the group that can tell me what activities are accepted within the AoG and what activities are not please? Thanks

Charles Page [04/19/2015 1:29 PM]
You will have a lot of freedom from the Holy Spirit in an AoG!!

Charles Page [04/19/2015 1:31 PM]
You will have even more freedom from the Holy Spirit is a CoG!!

Tim Anderson [04/19/2015 6:41 PM]
have attended AOG for many years and some independent charasmatic and pentecostal churches, Been a believer for 37 yrs. Have had great experiences w/AG’s. Each fellowship is independent of the Organization but must operate according to foundational doctrines from the National organization. Website is helpful as to their Teachings and Believes. God Bless as you pray about this. btw, Re: the Holy laughter, etc, these are minor things that only a few churches have experienced. I would check out the church several times & let the Holy Spirit lead you… http://ag.org/top/Beliefs/Statement_of_Fundamental_Truths/sft_short.cfm

Jeffrey D. Madison [04/20/2015 8:14 AM]
John: The level of the Spirits expression in A.G. churches varies from church to church. In that it depends on the community and the pastor. With that being said, the majority of A.G. church pastors hold advanced degrees. So yes, you will get both the Spirit and the Word in an A.G church. John, please tell me, your current church’s Brethren roots, do they have cessationist stems (as in J.N. Darby’s Brethren)? You will know if your church has cessationist stems if it teaches that the gifts of the Spirit ceased at the death of the Apostles, or at the completion of the Christian Canon, and or limits the gifts of the Spirit in any way.

John Kissinger [04/20/2015 8:27 AM]
Pack Rat that’s what Rick Wadholm Jr has been telling 🙂

John Walters [04/22/2015 10:14 AM]
Thanks guys, and Jeffrey they do have the roots to Darby, however me and my wife just know something is missing, hence the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is a very hard time for us as we have so many friends but this feeling to move will not go away

Sharon Miott [04/22/2015 3:34 PM]
John Walters, I believe what you’re feeling is definitely from the Holy Ghost, and that is why the feeling won’t go away. Just follow the leading of the Holy Ghost, and you’ll be just fine. 🙂

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  • Mary Ellen Nissley
    Reply June 29, 2016

    Mary Ellen Nissley

    I am convinced that churches vary so much within denominations that you really need to just pray and follow the leading of the Lord.

    When I was being led out of the Mennonites, I didn’t know WHERE to go! I felt so desperate! All I wanted was a place where the Holy Spirit was allowed to move and use me… and a place where I would feel I could bring other people.

    I would never have chosen a Church of God, especially had I known their officially-stated polity, and had I known the overall flavor of worship in the denomination.

    I detest scripted dance and entertainment in church. I love services that go as long as possible, flowing in the Holy Ghost! And above all, I love to feel His presence like a heavy weight of glory.

    And, amazingly, this little mountain church has all the above, and more love and acceptance than I thought could be possible.

    I was led here simply by prayer and listening to those around me. God was faithful to lead me, and I know he will lead you, too.

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