Jürgen Moltmann: Creation and the Spirit of God

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Asen Shudov | PentecostalTheology.com


Jürgen Moltmann seeks to articulate a doctrine of creation for humanity that centers upon God’s creating and sustaining activity within the world. Recent ecological destruction illustrates clearly the impact humanity has upon the world, and Moltmann advocates that humanity’s understanding of God’s relationship with the world must be understood to clarify an ecological doctrine of creation that nurtures life and the created world. Moltmann investigates time, eternity, space, human uniqueness and evolution, and scientific advancements to understand the created world and the role of humans within the created world. Using the biblical instruction concerning God’s creative action and role of the sabbath, Moltmann constructs a theology of creation that recognizes the participation of the triune God through the Spirit’s active presence within the world while at the same time fostering humanity’s respect for the created earth through an adoration of the triune God.

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