Jesus’ Power Over Demons Today and Forever

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Ten years ago this month, my team Eagles’ Wings Gospel Team and I were preaching a series of Crusades down at the coast of Kenya (which is filled with Muslims).
One evening as I was praying for people at the altar in a place where our Regional Overseer (Benea Alukwe) has his church (Likoni), there were about 30 people in the altar wanting prayer from me after I preached the Word. All of a sudden, a woman hit the ground and started rolling around. I jumped down off the stage with my interpreter and began to lay hands on the woman, rebuking the demon(s) that were troubling her.
Now, keep in mind, that whole area of Kenya speaks Swahili and their own mother tongue (tribal) language. English is only learned as a subject in school.
As I began to bind the demons, funny enough, many of the needy people in the altar turned their attention toward the woman and also began to pray against the demons! The demon(s) in the woman were speaking in English (in a Swahili area) – saying, “I am not gonna go! I am not going!” Etc. I knew right away that the evil spirit(s) were speaking to me because they were using English. They were trying to intimidate me. I did not shrink back but continued to pray for the woman. We all prayed for some minutes. She calmed down and sat up.
Then the church elders and area pastors took her over to the side of the stage and continued to pray for her while we closed out the meeting. (Sometimes it’s important to get demon-troubled people out of the way because the spirits want to disrupt the meeting.)
Afterwards, she gave her testimony. She had been hearing voices for sometime, and when our Crusade was proclaiming the Gospel and praising the Lord at such a high volume, the whole area of Likoni was hearing—including her. She came to the meeting and got delivered. She became a long-term member of the Likoni Church of God!! The power of Jesus’ name has manifest throughout the ages, for Jesus is the Truth of the Ages!

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