Isaiah 40.31 sums up exactly what we should…

Isaiah 40.31 sums up exactly what we should…

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Sharon Angeline Venketiah |


Good morning♥️
Isaiah 40.31 sums up exactly what we should be doing,rise up as with eagles wings,we are not meant to be down,brokenhearted and despondent,for sorrow may last for a night but the Lord has given us joy in the morning, be of a merry spirit,let the Lord shine his face upon you,we cant allow the devil to let us walk in shame and fear ,we are the head and not the tail,for we have the readymade armour to overcome and through Jesus we are overcomers.
We will and can overcome all situations.We shall run and not grow weary,we shall walk and shall not faint, for the Lord that goes before us,will be our strength.Amen.
No matter what your circumstance is,rise up and praise his name,its through his praising that we overcome..have a blessed Friday, stay safe and trust God.
PS.Jesus still loves you♥️

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