In the Bible, we are told that in the End…

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Marilyn Wilkins |


In the Bible, we are told that in the End of Days, the Sun will be destroyed. That statement alone makes me actually shiver more than any other foretelling of what is to come upon us and our world. It sounds like an impossibility–doesn’t it?

In the first 2-5+ minutes of the below video, we can witness the destruction of the sun–our sun–actually occurring. These videos of that major star establish the truth of what has been foretold: “In the End of Days, the sun will be destroyed”.

Saying “Hello” to Jesus everyday and asking a question or His help are great and effective ways to commence a true relationship with Him–a relationship you will come to depend upon, evidently, very soon. Start today. Now even!

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  • Reply December 29, 2019

    Richard Suarez

    There is no tenth planet behind the sun. MALARKEY

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