Image Iraq invasion in Daniel’s Prophecy Untwisted album

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Jody Reese |


Want to be shocked beyond your wildest expectation, and find out whats leaving my Facebook prophecy group of 600+ members completely speechless? Buckle up prophets and seers, its time to delve deep down into that prophetic rabbit hole of Biblical prophecy just a tad bit further 😉
Something i wrote to a fellow Admin just a bit ago.. “Great, that means your not to steeped into it to see it any other way, and that’s a good thing because there are some things that basically EVERYBODY has been completely overlooking concerning the last 4 chapters of Daniel. And it’s foundational and there’s no way on earth to fully understand his end times prophecies without incorporating it, yet seemingly and respectfully “everybody” has. Those last 4 chapters 9,10,11,12 are not what they seem, and are actually 2 chapters that has been divided in two, then the 4 quarters were intermixed leaving us with two very mixed up and incomplete stories. And in order to see it correctly they absolutely MUST be put back in their proper placement 9/11,10/12 to ever be able to understand it completely. I’m proving this chapters anomaly in over a dozen ways in my smallish group of 600 members who all study Bible prophecy and the 9/11,10/12 subject is always the topic of the day. When you come to realize that it was PURPOSEFULLY done ,and you will 😉 and its obviously just NOW being told then this could have very easily been Daniel’s method for shutting up the words and sealing the book till the time of the end. And…if that being the case then one can take that same notion of dividing to the only other place where the prophet was told to shut something up, which was the vision of Daniel chapter 8 and apply it there as well. Except this time instead of un-dividing something that Daniel purposely divided its just backwards this time and we have to (rightly) Divide that what the prophet UN-Divided to ever see it!
Show yourself approved, rightly dividing the Word… Those words of antiquity ring so true today and especially in the prophetic sense because that is the only way to find the “hidden” prophecy in that vision in chapter 8, and chapter 11 (the sister chapter) is going to take us there. But first i must ask you to momentarily clear your mind of everything you’ve been taught up to this point, just for the moment because Daniel 11:6 actually means exactly what it says when the author wrote ” in the end of years”. But if that’s the case then why does the vision of chapter 8 seemingly only implicate just one linear time-line? Thats why most have brushed off Daniel 11:6 as historic only concerning Alexander the Great thru the time of Antoichus E IV (in which i too agree) but won’t see it in the vision of chapter 8 until they do because that verse 6 in chapter 11 is how to locate the verse that needs to be divided in the vision. except remember one thing, the vision didn’t begin until the 2nd verse in chapter 11, meaning that verse 5 in the chapter 8 vision is the target verse. So we divide that verse and everything in verses 3 through the first half of verse 5 is now to be repeated and now you have the Beginning point for all end times related prophecy. The United States attacked the Nation of Iraq back in 2003 under the helm of George Bush Jr as implicated in the first half of verse 5 and our alliance with Saudi Arabia in that time is what the end times portion of 11:6 is referring to. And all of that is repeated in Daniel 11:40 and is already history from our perspective. Then follow the Z pattern back to Daniel 23-25 and that is the next US President Obama with Hillary Clinton as his power behind the throne, and that is repeated in Dan 11:41-42. Then in 11:43 enter the current President Trump and there is one more thereafter but he isn’t introduced until 6th verse of Revelation 6:6, but don’t let the numbers fool you it’s not the Antichrist but one of the two Witnesses of Rev ch 11.
Now, one more thing, i know this all sounds interesting, but you know what else you’ve just done? You just completed a FOUNDATION in which no other prophecy can touch. There are 4 chapters in Daniel that explain this vision, (7,8,11,12) and there are now 4 quarters to that vision at the beginnings and at both ends of Daniel chapters 8 and 11, right? And as mentioned there are 4 Kings or Presidents as in our case during that time-span. (the 4 heads of Daniel 7:6.) 4 chapters, 4 quarters and 4 Presidents and you’ll have the end times prophecy concerning the US and even in chronological order explaining bit by bit everything weve been doing in the Middle East since the time of that Iraqi invasion of 2003. 4+4+4=12 and now you have a true FOUNDATION for the latter times vision of Daniel.”
God bless you kind folks and remember, keep your eyes on Jesus and let “Him” be your true light in these end of days. Rapture or no Rapture He is fully capable even in that time of trouble that is coming upon the whole earth. So REPENT of your wickedness and seek His glorious face while it’s still easily obtained rather than waiting till the dire moment, Amen?

Image Iraq invasion in Daniel’s Prophecy Untwisted album


  • Reply July 26, 2018

    Jo Kelly

    Jody Reese]…Daniel 11 as to the first part is all past histry not future prophecy. The King of the South was Ptolemy Lagidae, one of Alexander’s generals who seized and took Egypt, after Alexander died. King of the North at that time was Selecus 1, who became greater than Ptolemy after seizing Syria, Babylonia and Media. The end of years was a little after some years, about (65), when Bernice married Antiochus. This was all past. Daniel 11:39 and 40 are in the end time, and the war between the North, Syria, and the south, Egypt. Antichrist is North, zsyria and will get victory over Egypt and many uther countrupies until the middle of Daniel’s 70th week of years. At that time, the 8th kingdom, or Revised Grecian Empire will be formed as in 7: 24, 8: 23-25, Rev. 11: 7, 13: 1-18, 16:10, 17: 3, 8-14, 16-17, 19:19-21.

  • Reply July 26, 2018

    Gideon Omela


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