HEBREW words describing the 4th beast in Daniel 7

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QUESTION about the HEBREW words describing metals and actions of the 4th beast in Daniel 7:7ff [Att all resident Hebrew scholars in the group i.e. Rick Wadholm Jr ]

Particularly interested the multi/cross meaning of the words for iron, devoured, in pieces, stamped (and stamped the residue). Pls submit answers before 7 PM ET!

Pentecostal Theology [07/22/2015 5:57 PM]
Do you think the fourth kingdom or beast of Daniel 2:40 and 7:7 respresents Rome or a future Islamic empire? Or BOTH?http://www.tedmontgomery.com/bblovrvw/emails/fourthbeast.html

Charles Page [07/22/2015 5:58 PM]
only refers to Rome -up to 70 AD

Rick Wadholm Jr [07/22/2015 5:58 PM]
Rome. And it’s actually Aramaic.

Pentecostal Theology [07/22/2015 6:00 PM]
Yes! Well aware that there’s a change in language pass Dan. 7, but more interested in the actual words and meanings rather than Rome or Dubai 🙂

Rick Wadholm Jr [07/22/2015 6:04 PM]
I don’t find any double meanings in this passage for any of those terms. Did you read someone suggesting such?

Pentecostal Theology [07/22/2015 6:05 PM]
Brown in his famous dictionary notes. Why are the teeth IRON? Different than previous organically mutated beast?

Rick Wadholm Jr [07/22/2015 6:08 PM]
Because this beast is nearly otherworldly in its terrifying nature.

Pentecostal Theology [07/22/2015 6:09 PM]
Why is not kryptonite from Criptonia but earthly IRON?

Rick Wadholm Jr [07/22/2015 6:14 PM]
Its very Roman. ?

Rick Wadholm Jr [07/22/2015 6:15 PM]
It just means that there would seem to be nothing this creature could not devour and crush.

Rick Wadholm Jr [07/22/2015 6:15 PM]
Who could escape such a terror. Enter the Son of Man…

Pentecostal Theology [07/22/2015 6:16 PM]
Sure. But while the other non-Roman beasts have only organic mutation this one seems to have robotic (dont get hang on the word Charles Page) implants (teeth, nails) used for specifically described destructive action(s)

Charles Page [07/22/2015 6:17 PM]
AD 70 who could escape such a terror!!! The coming of Christ!

Pentecostal Theology [07/22/2015 6:18 PM]
Yes Charles Page and you already live in the Millennium, but could they even do metal teeth implants in AD 70? I think Washington was pioneer in the field [see where I’m going with this?]

Pentecostal Theology [07/22/2015 6:40 PM]
Steve Webb Empire State Building turns green in honor of Muslim holiday marking end of Ramadan http://www.timesofisrael.com/empire-state-building-turns-green-for-eid/

John Kissinger [07/22/2015 6:46 PM]
Steve Webb Empire State Building turns green in honor of Muslim holiday marking end of Ramadan http://www.timesofisrael.com/empire-state-building-turns…/

Edwin Mendez [07/22/2015 7:45 PM]
Wasn’t Daniel 7 written in Aramaic?

John Kissinger [07/22/2015 8:07 PM]
Edwin Mendez asked: Wasn’t Daniel 7 written in Aramaic? – yes it was…

John Kissinger [07/22/2015 8:08 PM]
Could “coming out of the sea” mean anything else but “sea of people”?

Charles Page [07/22/2015 8:17 PM]
each of the empires were under the dominion of a supernatural prince and each prince had an earthly King. The prince of Peace came with his legions and destroyed the kings of the earth and bound the princes and their dominions in the bottomless pit at AD 70 and thus he rules as supreme King over the earth from the heavenlies Matt 25. The Devil and his forces have no more dominion.

The Church should understand this and rule with Christ but instead they work as enemies of Christ and in the stead of Satan Christ has to rule without Christian participation. He accomplishes his rule with or without the Church’s cooperation.

John Kissinger [07/22/2015 8:55 PM]
not to mess up your dispensational interpretation with this here chart

John Kissinger [07/22/2015 9:00 PM]
Rick Wadholm Jr The Aramaic word for “teeth” is dual rather than plural, suggesting two rows of teeth.

John Kissinger [07/22/2015 9:06 PM]
Traditionally the Aramaic word ????? (nÿqe’) has been rendered “pure,” but here it more likely means “of a lamb.” Cf. the Syriac neqya’ (“a sheep, ewe”). On this word see further, M. Sokoloff, “’amar neqe’, ‘Lamb’s Wool’ (Dan 7:9),” JBL 95 (1976): 277-79.

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