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John Kissinger [12/11/2015 2:27 PM]

Eric Shonebarger [12/11/2015 2:36 PM]
Someone doesn’t know Hebrew very well. Six-hundred Sixty Six would be Tav Resh Samech Vav,

John Kissinger [12/11/2015 2:39 PM]
pretty sure they (the can designers) are going for a literal “six-six-six”

Eric Shonebarger [12/11/2015 2:53 PM]
Or they’re monster claw marks?

John Kissinger [12/11/2015 3:14 PM]
you mean from A #NEPHILIM ? http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/where-did-them-biggens-come-from-or-what-exactly-is-a-nephilim/


  • Reply April 17, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    Shabath Shalom Tom Steele Alan N Carla Smith

  • Reply April 17, 2016

    Tom Steele

    Well, Shabbat was yesterday, but Happy Sunday to you :). I’ve seen this before, not decided yet if it is a bit of a stretch or perhaps there is something behind it. Based on my studies of the word “unclean” and what we should not be putting in our bodies, these chemical “energy drinks” are some of the biggest abominations of the day. Destroy your body so you can get a quick energy boost for the moment… yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense!

  • Dan Irving
    Reply October 16, 2017

    Dan Irving


  • Paul Hughes
    Reply October 19, 2017

    Paul Hughes

    I don’t think “semantics” is really the right word, at least not in common usage. It has to do with the meaning of words. It can also have to do with the meaning of symbols, but usually only to the extent that symbols represent words or maybe also ideas.

    I think the author of this post actually intends to say “gematria,” a practice with Semitic origins, which has to do with the dual purposing of letters as also numbers. In the Rabbinic era, Jewish Mysticism had a lot to do with seeking hidden meanings in the OT text, assigning numerical values to words and names.

  • Varnel Watson
    Reply October 20, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    Paul Hughes Do you even know Hebrew? Semantics refers to the drink (can) design according to the lady from the video. Gematria (or its modern day equivalent gematrix) could apply little as Six-hundred Sixty Six would be Tav Resh Samech Vav

    “The circle of Veckner”, points out that the number of the Beast is also found in the numerical structure of the usual electronic keyboards, such as calculators, recording cases, remote controls, telephones keyboard, etc. By concatenation, the result gives four times the number 666 in each directions. Like observed by Mark Lärmer, this numerical structure allows us to calculate, to program, to buy, to sell and to withdraw money

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