Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing God’s Voice

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Hearing God’s Voice – It’s a Matter of Our Heart and Our Faith – Ray E Horton

When I quiet my spirit to hear that still small voice of the Lord, how do I know that it is Him? That sense that a thought or idea or direction is from Him, how do I know it is God speaking to me? Jesus tells us in John 10:27, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” It’s a matter of relationship – we know the voice of those people who we know. Also, will we listen to that which He tells us and “follow” Him.

And as we are learning to hear His voice, how do we know that it is Him? Two keys that He has shown me over the years involve our motivations and our faith.

God will speak prophetic encouragement, exhortation, and comfort through us and to us

It’s a matter of the heart!

First, it’s a matter of the heart! If my heart is right; if my motivations are right; if I’m not coming with my own agenda; if I have a peace – the inward witness, and if it doesn’t contradict His Word and His known will, it is quite surely from Him. Then, secondly, I must use faith and say that I know it is Him and not me when my flesh would tell me otherwise.

We don’t trust ourselves, which is good. The flesh can’t be trusted. But get the flesh out of the way by coming to Him in the Spirit. Maybe pray some in the spirit, spend some time in worship, or thanking Him for His goodness. Then ask and receive in faith.

Sometimes we are not asking Him anything, but He wants to get through to us – maybe with encouragement, maybe with a warning for protection, maybe with reaching out to another person, maybe with something we should pray. That is why it is so important in our lives to remain sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and to be quick to respond.

We all really need to hear from God. Holy Spirit wants to guide, lead, and direct us to all the blessings the Lord has for us. He wants us to be fruitful for Him. Jesus wants to live His life through us as a part of the Body of Christ, of which He is the Head.

God is a communicator! There is no believer who can’t hear from God. Key to communication with God is His Living Word. He will often speak to us as we seek Him by reading the Bible.

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit facilitates two-way communication with the Lord

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit does facilitate that communication. There is personal prophecy just as there is a personal prayer language. “Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy” (1 Cor. 14:1). Prophesy is not always a word to the church or another person. It can be just for us, to build us up and comfort and exhort us, even when no-one else is around.

But all Christians do have the Holy Spirit within and need to draw on the wonderful fruit of the spirit in our lives to fulfill the potential of our Christian walk and our destiny in Him.

So, seek the Lord with a pure heart, and by faith listen to His voice, and do all that He shows you. He is the lover of your soul. He is faithful and can be trusted to have nothing but your good in mind. Knowing the Lord is the only way for a Christian to live. And, if we know God, we can learn to know His voice as we spend time with Him. It brings joy and peace, security and hope, wisdom, and the love by which we can reach out to others in His strength.

Ray E Horton

Serving the Lord as encourager, reconciler, intercessor and prophetic teacher of God's Word, primarily in person and on Facebook, as well as writer and editor. Beyond, or as part of, the Ministry of Reconciliation that we are all called to, I am serving the Lord and His people as a minister of prayer at a local church, and encouraging the brethren locally among people I know, and worldwide on Facebook

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  • Ray E Horton
    Reply June 19, 2020

    Ray E Horton

    An imperative focus for Pentecostals and Charismatics: “God will speak prophetic encouragement, exhortation, and comfort through us and to us.”

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