At a conference we attended at Christian Healing Ministries

At a conference we attended at Christian Healing Ministries in…
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Hi brothers and sisters in the Lord. I am in the process of expanding the blog, “Aging Gracefully with the Graces of Healing Prayer“ into a small book. The theme is that while we all must age and die; healing prayer can make aging easer and dying less traumatic and painful. Do you have stories of your own with parents and spouses that demonstrate this? I would love to hear about them, and with your permission include them in this book.

At a conference we attended at Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville Florida, Dr MacNutt spoke about healing and aging. He is among…


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    I could really see the difference between my father and my aunt – both believers. Dad was a worrier and fussed a lot about things that bothered him. He had to spend his last year in a nursing home and hated it. His sister, my Aunt Anne, who lived to be 100, was quite different. When she was in a nursing home near her end she would play the piano and sing for “her children,” most of whom were younger than her, and go from room to room to pray for any in need of prayer. She had a joyful spirit.

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    Varnel Watson

    this? RichardAnna Boyce

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      RichardAnna Boyce

      yes i sent you paper on Job about ministering to those dying gracefully

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      Varnel Watson

      William DeArteaga I think RichardAnna Boyce has a paper for your book but it could be gnostic or dualistic Free grace RT Jim Price This business of growing older: I came across this from a retired college teacher. It was a reminder of how we pass through a period of history and then realize that many of the young people around us have no knowledge of it. Here is what the teacher reported.
      ” On the first day of class in 1989, I gave my students a quiz including the open-ended question, `Who fought in the war in Vietnam?’ Almost a fourth of my students said the combatants were North and South Korea!”
      Sure made me feel outdated. Now here 30 years later I wonder what percentage of students would get it wrong?

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