Good Friday Question: He added to the Holiness

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Asen Shudov |


Good Friday Question: He added to the Holiness of the Body
Read somewhere a while back, that when Joseph of Arimathea washed and cleaned Jesus’ body he added to His holiness. Is it Biblical possible to add anything human to the holiness of God?

John Kissinger [04/04/2015 5:47 AM]
Intereseting… Mark Biteler Ermar Reyes Luna Charles Page

Mark Biteler [04/04/2015 12:09 PM]
I would offer the following: God is by definition holy and proclaims that truth in Le 11:44,45; 19:2; I Pe 1:16. He makes us holy, we do not make Him holy nor do we add to His holiness. Having said that, when we walk consecrated before Him, we treat those things which He calls holy as holy. His temple, our bodies, are holy onto the Lord; so was the dead, lifeless body that Joseph cleansed prior to burial. Joseph affirmed Jesus’ holiness; he did not add to it. When the Levitical priests took care of the objects of the temple in the way they were commanded, they treated them has holy to the Lord – they were His and set apart unto Him. How much more should a member of the Sanhedrin have handled God’s own Son.

John Kissinger [04/06/2015 7:50 AM]
It is dangerous to state that a human can add to the God’s holiness and with that to any and all of His essential and eternal attributes

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