Gnostic Gospels: Same Old Song

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Paul Hughes |


Gnostic Gospels: Same Old Song, Umpteenth Verse

Another Liberal egghead has produced yet another book relying on late, specious texts (typically Gnostic in origin) to try to undermine Jesus and the Christian Gospel.

Author Wilson is trained mostly in philosophy, with also an S.T.B. from an Anglican school in Toronto, now considers himself an expert in hermeneutics. He is apparently a devotee of Rudolf Bultmann.

Many experts label “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” a modern forgery, others date it no earlier than the 7th Century, see:

Brian Roden [11/13/2014 5:23 PM]
And, as Mark Goodacre points out in the NTPod podcast, nowhere in Scripture does it say that MM was a prostitute. That is simply a tradition based on conflating different female characters in the Gospel texts.

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