Free Will according to John Wesley

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Steve Wright |


Free Will John Wesley

John Kissinger [03/18/2015 1:22 PM]

Why I’m Not a Calvinist?

Steve Wright [03/18/2015 1:55 PM]
I’ve read this. Great book.

John Kissinger [03/18/2015 2:11 PM]
Is Calvinism taking over the charismatic churches?

Julius Streeter [03/19/2015 9:00 AM]
Am anabaptist rather than calvinist but respect the intellectual rigour of calvinists and accept the observation of John Calvin “That a church without doctrine is a body without a backbone the tough old calvinist is the shock troops of christianity, in Gods service they better than branderbergers, as staunch in battle as the waffen S.S. or more approriately the roman centurian Jesus admired as a man under authority who believed in chain of command or paul using the armour illustration from heroic, couragious roman legionaires like Longinus

John Kissinger [03/20/2015 11:03 AM]
TAHANK YOU Steve Wright Reviving this old post as it gives Wesley’s answer to most Bible references Calvinists may use Reginald Charlestin. Free will is not humanistic. It’s the Bible. Lack of free will is Medieval. #TRUTH As Steve Wright rightly puts it: “For Wesley, prevenient grace was a way of showing and proving that God was indeed Just, Good and Perfect and a God of Love. Wesley couldn’t accept or believe that God would leave man to a casting into heaven or hell out of just the divine prerogative of his Creator. The same choice that man had before the fall was restored by a sovereign choice by God himself, this was the anchor of Wesley’s theology concerning why he held to free will. Wesley, preaching on man’s ability to choose before the fall said, “And having this power, a power of choosing good or evil, he chose the latter: He chose evil. Thus “sin entered into the world,” and pain of every kind, preparatory to death.”

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