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Yuri Markov |


Dear co-workers in the Kingdom! As you know there are 1,500,000 of displaced people in Eastern Ukraine due to the war (I am one of them). And even more who cannot leave frontline cities. They are trapped in basements and bomb shelters without heat, light, water and food supply. Many of those are women, children, elderly.

Our team of volunteers delivers food packages, and with Christian literature, to them. The cost of the package is only $20 (transportation included)* Since June 2014, we able to give away 4,000 humanitarian sets per month. In the first couple months of the humanitarian crisis, we have evacuated over 3,000 people from frontline cities. Over 600 people have been placed, fed, and supported at our refugee camps and shelters.

There are no personal gains in our projects. Our credibility is confirmed by many Christian and secular organizations. Our founder, Peter Dudnik, was called a legendary man (by a mass media in Ukraine) for his heroic act of rescuing more them 3000 people from a conflict zone. Even a recent visit of Ukrainian president’s wife to our orphanage in Slavyansk testifies of our integrity and effectiveness in ministering to the people in desperate need. Our activities are documented, and easily found on Facebook, and our web site.

We are looking for partners to support this project right now. More information is on our website

FB page: (Together Ministry) Video:

*Food package contains: 2 cans of sardines 1 jar of canned meat 2 kilos of hot cereals 2 kilos of wheat flour 1 kilo of rice 2 liters of vegetable oil 1 kilo of unsalted butter 1 kilo of noodles 2 kilos of sugar 2 loaves of bread

Disgruntled [04/02/2015 10:57 AM]
Please stop sending me these spam emails. They are very irritating.

Disgruntled [04/02/2015 10:58 AM]
Please stop sending me these spam emails. They are very irritating. Very

Darrell Garrett [04/02/2015 11:28 AM]
STOP SENDING THIS JUNK TO ME! You have no way to “unsubscribe” to something I never subscribed to in the first place. I do not agree with your junk and do not want to see it.

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