Faith without works is dead.. To walk about in…

Faith without works is dead.. To walk about in…

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David King |


#HouseOfDavid: Faith without works is dead..
To walk about in this place that we know as the physical/earthly plane with true spiritual insight as was experienced by the old testament prophets and more recently by the apostles who rubbed elbows with the Word of God when He was in flesh as Yeshua, brings a personality…it is a strength of character defined by a works that can only be established in the faith one gains the moment they look upon God whether in the flesh or in the spirit…as a faith established by God not backed by physical acts as a reaction is dead, so the acts to follow the established faith by God by seeing and rising to occasion as it were brings forth works the worldly can only define as otherworldly…though the steps taken by the person committing the works established by a God given faith is not in their perspective otherworldly nor supernatural but rather is completely natural by that point in their walk with God, for the perspective one gains in truly walking hand in hand with God by the Word in their heart which is the law we are promised…so I suppose that from a worldly vantage point, for 3 men to be able to face a fiery furnace or for a man to find himself in a den of hungry lions, it would come off as an otherworldly strength, but in the perspective of the one committing the work that gives a God given faith the definition in the physical that it needs to live, it is entirely natural as their perspective is focused on the spiritual where God is, which causes the physical to be a mere backdrop to the unrivaled feeling of rapture one gains when God by His Word places His finger beneath one’s chin to beckon him home…(Tst5)

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