Evildoers :: By Jim Towers

Evildoers :: By Jim Towers

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Godless Joe Biden, who claims to be a Catholic, sent billions more to Ukraine in blackmail money.

Zelensky is blackmailing old Joe and son Hunter (lest we forget the dealings of Burisma). This corrupt administration hopes to cover up the illicit business dealings Joe had with Ukraine.

If this corrupt father and son were to admit to receiving the millions that were paid to them over the years, thousands of people wouldn’t have to die in the present war with Russia. But to keep these dealings under wraps, Joe Biden keeps giving Zelensky the billions he asks for to keep his mouth shut, thereby sentencing thousands to death in the heat of war. The right thing for Joe to do is to confess, and the war would probably come to a screeching halt.

The problem with confession is that Joe and his son would have to face justice. (That is if there is such a thing left in this country – and we all know the price a person used to pay for treason.)

Thus, in desperation, Joe is giving Zelensky anything he wants to keep him from revealing their shady dealings.

The Democrats and Rino’s don’t want to open up this can of worms either since many of them are on the take as well. And so this fiasco has been put on the back burner, and there is much resistance to getting at the truth. It is like pulling teeth – but eventually, the truth will come out because there is just too much overt, in-your-face evidence.

In the meantime, Zelensky not only wants money but for us to send troops to die in that God-forsaken country, a “country” that was once Russian, but until the war began, they had been led by a corrupt left-wing communist government much like our own current government.

The Biden family doesn’t seem to care that men, women, and children are dying and is instead ramping up the war in the hope that Americans will forget about their family’s corrupt business dealings with Zelensky.

But that’s not all; they also had dealings with the Communist Chinese as well. The Chinese would give them millions for absolutely nothing more than letting them infiltrate our country to garner information and trade secrets – and that openly and with open arms.

During Trump’s administration, he put a quick stop to the communist infiltration.

The last I heard is that Communist China was producing Fentanyl and delivering it through the drug cartels into the United States to make drug-addled zombies of us. (The same thing the Japanese did to China in the late thirties and forties, except that they used opium to cripple that society.)

President Obama attended Jerimiah Wright’s racist and Godless church for over twenty years. The last I heard of him was when he said, “God Damn America,” and it seems that Muslim Communist Barry Soetoro (AKA Barack Hussein Obama) took that admonition literally, with the Fast and furious debacle and other more discreet subversions against America also allowing CAIR to infiltrate and demand Sharia Law. (I always thought this Muslim man might just be the long-awaited antichrist, and we haven’t heard the last of him.)

Doing a background check on that evil man, I learned of his many communist friends and cohorts that helped him get elected to the highest office in the land.

Thank God for the crack-smoking lesbian Democrat, Mayor Lightfoot, lost her bid for re-reelection in Chicago – which is one of the most corrupt cities in the nation. The governor of New York and his brother also bit the dust when they were deemed rapists and corrupt individuals. I suspect that many more politicians will soon fall from grace as well.

This is all happening to our detriment and slow demise. God’s scales of justice are tipped in favor of heavy-handed retribution. We are getting what we deserve.

On the other hand, a revival is taking place on college campuses, but it may be too little too late. Nevertheless, at least some are being saved from their sins and from what is to come.

God bless America!… No, I say – God help America!

Book review

The book Presidential Takedown by Dr. Paul Alexander and Kent Heckenlively exposes Deep State corruption at the highest levels of government. Below is just the tip of the iceberg taken from this book.

“None of us in the bureaucracy wanted Trump,” they’d say, sweeping a hand across the room. That’s how they referred to themselves not as the “Deep State” but as the bureaucracy, which sounds as terrifying as anything George Orwell might have written.

It shocked me when I was told, “And we in the bureaucracy are dedicated to making his life a living hell.” When Americans watch the evening news, all they’ll see is another day of the country not working under this president. Ungovernable, unmanageable, chaotic, infections going up and up. Americans will want anyone but Trump, and we are doing it, for we have CDC, NIH, and FDA working for us. We have Fauci with us; we have Birx with us. How could he win? Our job is to make the pandemic response appear to be a disaster, and we coordinate roughly every day across the different agencies to make it look that way and achieve the goal.”

Indeed, how could anyone stand up under that kind of evil pressure when, in reality, they should have been concerned for the safety and wellbeing of the populous, a time when many were actually dying from the “poke” and fake-demic.


Jim Towers

You can write me at jt.filmmaker@yahoo.com or visit me at my website at

www.propheticsignsandwonders.com or www.dropzonedelta.com

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