Eloheim or the Manifestation of the Godhead

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I have a book, “Eloheim or the Manifestation of the Godhead” by Elijah C. Clark, published by COG Publishing House and prefaced by S.W. Latimer, Overseer of the “Churches of God” The copyright is 1929 anyone familiar with this book? It defends the doctrine of the trinity against the oneness movement.

Pack Rat [04/18/2015 3:27 PM]
I do not usually waste time responding to this type of comment. I do not want to waste time debating the doctrines of fellow Christians on both sides. Both sides love Jesus and have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is teaching both sides. Please extend your debate toward Mormons, JWs, Buddhist, Muslims and sinners in general.

You will have more time to split hairs in Heaven where truth will be in full knowledge. I have studied and fill confident to take a JWs corrupted bible from his hands and show him where he is wrong with his own bible. When the Mormons visit I show them the scriptures showing their error. I could debate with the oneness doctrine but no one gets re-saved…

Charles Page [04/18/2015 4:18 PM]
this debate was back in 1929 and doubtless no one in the COG is interested in debating the oneness error any longer! It is an obsolete argument now since the wide acceptance of Bishop T. D. Jakes by the COG!

Charles Page [04/18/2015 5:57 PM]
There is reference to Beniah outside Cleveland, Charleston, and a School of the prophets prior to 1900’s

john Ruffle [04/21/2015 4:17 AM]
The book should be out of copyright now then. By all means check my own website and freely download over 100 theological books including 12 Bible translations. I did it primarily for missionaries and overseas local Christians. www.rufflemission.org


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